The Kiminee Dream (a novel) by Laura McHale Holland

A deeply poetic, riveting debut novel, The Kiminee Dream is a tale of Midwest charm and quirky characters, but with twists and turns that reveal a dark side you don't see coming.

Synopsis - 

It's true that odd things happen in Kiminee, Illinois. Lilacs bloom in winter. Gravel glows golden on occasion. The river sings as it wends through town. But this is normal for the tight-knit folks who call Kiminee home. So when auburn-tufted Carly Mae Foley learns to read at age two and masters multiplication at age three, the denizens take it in stride and embrace her with pride.

But all is not well in Carly Mae's family. And when a twister roars though, it decimates their home, along with their emotional bonds, as her mother's affair is exposed and her father goes missing. A determined grandmother, one-eared dog and generous benefactor come to the gifted child's aid, but not everyone is rooting for her, and when an appalling crime occurs, long-held animosities boil over. No one can say whether the good folks of Kiminee will pull closer together—or be torn apart.

Influenced by folklore and magical realism, The Kiminee Dream is both hypnotic and endearing. If you like depth as well as whimsy, arresting twists, and details that stir your heart, you’ll love what is ultimately an eloquent exploration of acceptance and a tender tribute to the people of Illinois

Review - 

After finishing The Kiminee Dream I realized I wasn't sure exactly what to say in my review.  First - I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. But beyond that I liked it, how do I give future readers an idea of what to expect? That is not easy.

I am an avid reader of all kinds of genres, but the style of this book was unique in a very interesting way.  The people inhabiting this small town, the animals, the flowers, the nature surrounding it, even the weather are all strongly connected. What happens - both positive and negative - affects every single part as if they are all part of a single organism. There is that hint of magic to this story, but in a way that is very subtle. Just one note.  

While the central character is Carly Mae Foley, we actually move between the perspectives of many of the characters that live within these pages. And the author manages that change of perspective beautifully. Many bad things happen to the people who live here, and there are some truly difficult flashbacks to the past, and yet that touch of magic softens the impact of these stories.  And in the end the town, the surround flora and fauna, and all the characters find a way back to peace and a new solid, strong bond. 

A story of pain, past memories, the dynamics of a small town, connections and yes all touched with a big of magic.

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Meet the Author - 

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As a child, Laura McHale Holland loved the musicality of language and often recalled, verbatim, conversations she heard. A lost soul in her teens and early twenties, she righted herself in her mid-twenties and discovered a deep love of the creative process. In her work, she often finds hope in unlikely places.

Laura writes stories true and untrue in multiple forms from flash fiction to novels, memoirs to short plays. Her coming of age memoir, Resilient Ruin, won a National Indie Excellence Award for new adult nonfiction. Prior award-winning books include Reversible Skirt, a childhood memoir, and Sisters Born, Sisters Found, an anthology on sisterhood. Her stories have appeared in several anthologies, including The Best of Every Day Fiction Three and Wisdom Has a Voice. Two of her short plays were produced recently in Northern California; two others received staged readings. The Kiminee Dream is Laura's first novel. To connect with her, please visit her website.

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  1. Thank you, Marilyn, for adding The Kiminee Dream to your reading list and taking time to write a review that eloquently conveys your unique perspective on the book. I think this will really help your readers decide whether my novel is right for them, and I very much appreciate that.

    1. My pleasure. I really enjoyed how unique the writing style was.

  2. Sounds good. This is a cute cover.

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and the touches of magic keep the dark moments from being too dark. I love the cover too.

  3. I'm so glad you both like the cover, Marilyn and Shelly. My sister, Kathy, who is a graphics designer and artist designed it for me. I love working with her when she's available. We get along very well and the way we bounce ideas off of each other is energizing and productive. Sometimes she's too busy with paid work to fit in my book projects.

    1. That is amazing that you sister designed it for you. Makes it extra special.

  4. I too love the cover, nice to have a sister to bounce ideas off of.

  5. Sounds like a must read! Thank you for sharing your review!


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