Dead Cat, Run (Book #1 The Boston Clairvoyants Series) by Annabelle Lewis

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Synopsis -

You’re where you’re meant to be. Run, if you can.

High school senior Jenny Gallagher’s psychic abilities have made life in her small New England town rocky. Her premonitions and déjà vu have given her a reputation, one she’s not happy with. Tragedy is about to strike, however, and oddly, this time, she doesn’t see it coming. Is her gift betraying her?

Not far from Jenny, Wellesley Professor Maximus Dyer also has a gift—a painful and useless one. His ability to see the past has brought him insight into history, but otherwise, he’s never known what to make of it. The psychic shocks he receives through his unprotected hands have made any genuine human relationships beyond his grasp. Then someone who doesn’t trigger a vision enters his life—a dog?

Sidrah Keeling runs determinedly optimistic throughout her life, trying hard not to ask the big questions about why. Her foresight, her ability to see glimpses of the future in her dreams, often drives her to follow a path she doesn’t understand. Alert and listening, with the guardrails of security she’s erected in place, she’s forced again to follow her dreams. This time to a man. Who is he?

Lurking deep in his sensory deprivation tank, Turner Black sees it all. Born out of the great chaos of time, he once again feels the forces of good gathering to move against him. Not in this life. This time, his darkness will reign supreme. The hunt for his antithesis will begin again now. He can’t wait to feel his opponent in destiny bleed.

​A fast-paced contemporary mystery thriller with a supernatural hierarchy, Dead Cat, Run will keep you up all night, glued to your seat.

Review - 

It's been awhile since I read any fantasy or paranormal fiction, so I decided to check out this series by author Annabelle Lewis.  I cannot tell you exactly why, but I was drawn in to the plot immediately and curled up on my couch reading from page one to the end.  I am a fast reader, but must have taken breaks for food and physcial necessities. I honestly don't remember.  I think part of this was the four clairvoyant characters she created and their backstory - a bit of angst, a bit of mythology, and an unusual dog. This proved a great "take-me-away" escapist read and who doesn't need that right now?

The book starts with the mythology behind the plot to set the scene, and then we meet the four clairvoyants.  Jenny is young and broken from a life of dealing with premonitions.  Max is isolated and keeps his distance because simply touching anything - object or person - brings painful visions.  Sidrah has used her abilities to hold an object while she sleeps to become wealthy, but she wants more. Bones, a large dog, is a total mystery.
Supernatural forces draw them together to fight a threat to humanity - Turner, who is the reincarnation of evil from the past.  He begins to hunt for his nemesis from previous lifetimes - Jenny - while she has no idea he exists.  Who will reign triumphant supernatural gifts will help them win the battle.

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Annabelle Lewis is a pseudonym for the author who lives in Minneapolis with her husband, children, and a wild thug of a dog who sleeps beside her. A multi-genre writer and publisher of 9 novels to date, her humorous mystery caper books have a theme – taking down the bad guy. Villains beware! She also writes a scathing blog and highly entertaining monthly newsletter. Sign up to follow at her website.

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