Interview with Melody Hu Founder/Owner of Oenomel Chocolates and The Macaron Startup

Please share a bit about your journey to becoming an entrepreneur who has launched 2 companies? Did you always dream of working for yourself or ??? Can you give a brief description of each?

I was inspired by my mother’s life as a successful entrepreneur in Shenzhen. We travelled and lived in different countries (China, New Zealand and Canada). My mother’s entrepreneurial spirit, strength, and problem-solving abilities allowed me to have a rich international experience and education. She arranged my education with incredible foresight to master the two most valuable languages in language English and Mandarin.

As I finished my bachelor’s of science degree at UBC, I launched my first company: the Macaron Startup. It quickly took off, and I realized that people love good-quality homemade treats. My macaron flavours were so unique and delicious - have you ever had maple bacon macarons? - that people keep coming back for more. That was 2016. I was 23, and I was going to school, working as a server at a bar and making macarons. I was swamped but was happy and fulfilled.

After graduation, I worked as an intern in a stem cell research company in Vancouver and then in business development for an international law firm in China. Both jobs brought me invaluable experience. I always dream of creating a brand/ product that incorporates essential values, such as craftsmanship, sustainability, and wellness. And use that as a tool to create wealth for those around me.

Are these online ventures or do you have a brick and mortar location? What unexpected surprises arose as you worked to launch and then build two businesses?

Both are online ventures. It’s my dream to have a brick-and-mortar location for Oenomel. With the Macaron Startup, I was surprised by how popular a well-priced good product can be. I didn’t know how to price my macarons correctly and was quickly overwhelmed by the demand.

The unexpected surprise with Oenomel is how supportive both individuals and other businesses are of my business. My friends would volunteer to help me at my events or buy my chocolates and introduce my chocolates to other people. I am very thankful to those supporting me throughout this venture. Other local businesses are willing to collaborate with me and share their resources with me. I am very grateful to be part of Vancouver’s supportive local business community, and I look forward to contributing more and more towards benefiting Vancouver’s local business.

What comes most effortless for you as an entrepreneur? What is more of a struggle for you to handle? What is one thing you wished someone had told you ahead of time that you can pass on to others thinking of launching a business?

Ideas come quickly to me. I have a lot of ideas all the time, new chocolate flavours, gift boxes, event ideas, party plans, collaboration with other businesses and entrepreneurs. The struggle is to select the very few ideas that are worthy and execute them successfully. Working on too many ideas at one time is messy and unproductive and can lead to burnout.

“Dream big. Start small. Begin now.”

As I met you when you showcased your chocolates and had the sample to taste quite a few, I'd love to hear more about your delicious chocolates. Why did you choose the name Oenomel? How did you learn to create handcrafted, high-end chocolates?

Oenomel is the Greek word for “Sweetness & Strength.” It is what I want to bring to the world with my chocolate - a sweet and delicious treat that strengthens the body, heals the soul, and empowers the mind.

I learned to make chocolates on Youtube, and before that, I educated myself with many books and courses on creating products with high values. A high-end product demands that everything is completed with the highest standard. At Oenomel, we source quality organic and ethical chocolates healthy for the consumer, sustainable for the environment, and fair to cocoa farmers.

Our production and service standard is craftsmanship at the highest level. Like Steve Jobs’ standard for every Apple product: Even parts people cannot see has to be made perfectly. High-end products also entail the emotions it provides to people through the product, service and community. Are we generating positive energy, encouraging people to feel good, and bringing happiness through caring products?

What are some of the unique ingredients you pair with this chocolate? Do you have a favourite flavour combination?

I love Whiskey, rose, and lavender, and so I incorporate these ingredients into my chocolate. Whiskey is my drug for the soul. It is indulging. Being able to indulge in pleasure and work on realizing my dream and fulfill my responsibilities makes me feel powerful.

Rose has an anti-inflammatory effect and is high in anti-oxidant that is great for the skin. It just smells fantastic, so I add that into my chocolate, with gelatine high in collagen and vitamin C from lemon, so this chocolate is not only a delicious treat for the taste buds but also the skin. 

Lavender is my favourite herb to use throughout the year. This herb is known for its sweet and refreshing scent and can reduce stress, induce calmness, relieve pain and help with insomnia. With the pandemic on top of the everyday stress from work and life, I made the lavender chocolate, hoping that it brings a sense of calmness to the world.

I know you have committed to helping fight homelessness in Vancouver. Can you share a bit of why this cause is so dear to your heart?

Currently, I am just devoting my spare time to volunteering to help with the homeless issue. But I would like to find ways to help fight homelessness in Vancouver. Everyone in the city should have a place they call home. The world becomes a better place when the capable help the incapable. I am looking to work with programs that work on reintegrating homeless people to join the workforce and transition back to a normal life.

What would you most like customers to know about you? How can they purchase your creations and/or learn about upcoming events you'll be at?

I am grateful to those who support my chocolate business venture. I want people to hold me accountable for building a business with high ethical standards and committed to social responsibilities. has the products listed and the form to order.

@oneomel.chocolates FB and IG accounts will feature all upcoming events and products. FB and IG is currently the best way to subscribe to all Oenomel’s events and products. For business or other special inquiries email us at

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