Vancouver Fashion Week SS22 - Interview With Designer Amrit Kaur of Ank by Amrit (India)

2022 update - Ank by Amrit will be showing on the runway at VFW FW22 on Sun. Apr. 10th at 6:45 p.m. Tix HERE!

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2021 interview - 

Please share a bit about your journey to choose a career in fashion? Where did you choose to study or, if self taught, how did you gain your skills?
I grew up in a family where fashion aesthetics were held in high regard.  I was fortunate to get a chance to study fashion design at the Nottingham Trent university in the UK, where I earned my bachelor's degree.

What inspired you to launch your own label? What has been your highest moment since launching your line?

I am from a business family. and always dream of becoming famous, and being remembered for my work. So yes, launching my own label as always been my dream. Having my debut on the runway in international soil such as Vancouver Fashion week was my highest moment. Doing a second show post pandemic is a second. 

How would you describe your brand? What is the aesthetic? Who is the customer you design for?

It is a contemporary South Asian brand with aesthetics of Boho Chic and a blend of culture. Our styles are edgy and modern with touch of sustainable and culturally rich design. Our clients can be anyonem but we have been followed more by young brides and bridesmaids.

Can you share something about the Collection you'll be showing casing at Vancouver Fashion Week SS 2? What was the inspiration? What fabrics and palette did you use?

"ANKBYAMRITKAUR: Stay groovy" is a conceptual collection of resort and destination womans wear inspired by a retro look. This collection is fun and energetic, celebrating the retro style cuts with bold, unusual prints. It is a perfect example of East meets West featuring modern twists such as bellbottom pants with unusual traditional prints created by Indian techniques such as Ajrakh - a unique form of block printing.  Ajrak print is an eco-friendly and sustainable craft that exists in harmony with nature where organic colors such as red, yellow, blue and black are hand carved blocked printed on modal satin. This fabric stays cool in summer and hot in winters.

Do you have a favourite look in this collection? Is there one piece that is a must have piece?

Oh yes! It is the midnight coloured jumpsuit with maroon star and geometric block print. It’s a reminder of the era because it’s actually groovey. Everyone who loves fashion should have a piece like this at least once in their life. 

Where can readers find your garments? How can they purchase them?

For information and purchase please contact me through my Instagram account at @ankbyamrit.

Ank by Amrit will be showing on the runway at VFW SS22 on Saturday, Oct. 23rd at 7:40 p.m. Tix HERE!

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