Vancouver Fashion Week SS22 - Interview With Designer Alicia Perrillo (U.S.)

Please share a bit about your journey to choose a career in fashion? Where did you choose to study or, if self taught, how did you gain your skills?

I always knew I wanted to be a fashion designer, but I didn't pursue it until later in life. When I was 32 I decided it was ridiculous that I hadn't tried yet. I was accepted into the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for Fashion Design. I graduated in 2016. 

What inspired you to launch your own label? What has been your highest moment since launching your line?

I started getting media attention while I was still in college. My professors encouraged me to get my brand going immediately, to note let the attention go to waste. I took that advice and ran with it, doing Vancouver Fashion Week just months after I graduated. 

Since then, having my work appear on the cover of Makeup Artists Magazine with celebrity makeup artist Sir John was a memorable moment. Another was being selected by Fashion Eco to have my work photographed in the ice caves of Iceland. One of those photos went on to be published in Vogue Italy. It was a dream come true.

How would you describe your brand? What is the aesthetic? Who is the customer you design for?

My brand is a mixture of ultra feminine romance with couture details. It's for those who enjoy drama, sparkle, and luxury fabrics, with thoughtful embellishments. My work is made custom order in any size.  My customers want to stand out and be original. 

Can you share something about the Collection you'll be showing casing at Vancouver Fashion Week SS 2? What was the inspiration? What fabrics and palette did you use?

In this collection I explored light, texture and silhouettes. My inspiration came from the emotions felt while gazing up at the stars in the small hours of the night, when the unknown possibilities of the universe are more evocative and humbling. The collection uses sequined,  beaded and iridescent fabrics to mimic far away galaxies and falling stars tumbling to earth. The color story is provided by images from the Hubble telescope: black, white, silver, gold, purple, blue, teal, and red. I concentrated on the ebb and flow of emotions from tight loneliness to vast wonder, and used it to inform my shapes and embellishments.

Do you have a favourite look in this collection? Is there one piece that is a must have piece?

I can never choose between my gowns; it’s like trying to choose a favorite child— it can’t be done. As for a must have piece, it depends on the customer’s lifestyle. If they prefer a more ready to wear easy piece, I would say the mock turtleneck high low silk georgette blouse. If they need an event look, the fringed sequin gown is a showstopper.

Where can readers find your garments? How can they purchase them?

They can find them on Instagram @aliciaperrillo or on my website Everything is custom made for my customers, to their exact measurements. They can message me on either of those to arrange for a design consultation.

Alicia Perrillo will be showing on the runway at VFW SS22 on Sunday, October 24th at 6:30 p.m. Tix HERE!