A Story From My Closet #2 - J. Andrew Jackson's Sweater

Guest Article by J. Andrew Jackson

I rarely wear sweaters anymore, they are just too hot! I guess my advancing age and weight have laid havoc to my constitution. I have always been a hot blooded type, but now I feel an inferno burning when wearing a pullover. However there was a time, I was known for my sweaters.

My once legendary sweater collection has been relinquished to a bottom drawer in my dresser. These abandoned sweaters, a few from designers, are all that is left of my once massive collection. However, if you carefully move them aside, in the darkest corner, carefully enclosed in a zippered plastic case is a treasure - a black, grey and burgundy Fairisle sweater, as pristine as the day it was lovingly knit.

This sweater was a gift from my beloved Mother. It is now just over twenty years since my Mum’s untimely death. I have a few other keepsakes and all my cherished memories, but this sweater was a true labor of love. To this day I am still delighted with it’s beautiful workmanship. This sweater is a physical representation of my Mum’s love.

We shared a special bound, and one of the things we had in common was our love of clothes and fashion. My Mum was a skilled sewer. She learned her skills in the factories in Northern England. As a child, I learned to sew by watching and following her example.  My Mum was also a beautiful knitter, a skill I never learned. Everything she laid her hand to was a job well done . This beautiful, hand knit sweater is more than just a sweater. It is an example of skill, and craftsmanship made with love.

I rarely wear it anymore. However, on a cool fall day when I am remembering my mother, I put on this treasured sweater and go for a walk. It feels as though she is with me and I feel warm , and loved.

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J. Andrew Jackson is a lover of Fashion who learned sewing from his mother. He has Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, in Costume Design and Art History, and worked as a theatrical costume designer, teacher and artist. Today he is known for his blog - Dress The Part - where he shared his love of fashion.
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Note - If you have a garment or accessory you adore that you have a great story about - where it came from, a memory it brings of an experience you had, etc. - I'd love to hear it. I just need a 500 - 800 word write up and a photo of you wearing it (or holding it if an accessory).