A Story From My Closet #3 - Marydora Winden, A Thrifty My Sister's Closet Style Story

Guest Article by Maydora Winden

It was three weeks before Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) Spring/Summer 2022, the first live showcase since 2019. Needless to say, my anticipation was at an all time high. So I asked myself, why not indulge in one my favorite Saturday activities - thrifting. Thrift shopping is one of my true passions. I love saving clothes from the landfill and giving beautiful pieces a new life. 

Since my twenties, I loved having budget friendly afternoon style adventures. I never knew what I'd find. And I could try a new look without breaking my bank. I met up with my dear friend and fashion blogger, Andrew Jackson of J Andrew Speaks and we headed off to My Sister's Closet, a social enterprise which benefits the BWSS (Battered Women Support Services). 

At My Sister's Closet you'll find a wide variety of clothing and accessories donated by local residents, designers and retailers. Their staff of friendly volunteers make shopping a fun experience. This store provided me with a sense of community when I was new to Vancouver. I had just left an abusive situation in Montreal and felt very alone. Samantha Kearney, the store administrator, was very warm and welcoming on my first visit and I've been shopping/donating there for a decade now. 

This was Andrew
and my first VFW style prep in a year and a half. We were browsing through the designer racks when suddenly a lovely Chanel-inspired piece caught my eye. It was a black and white sleeveless tweed shift dress with hints of mauve-y pink sparkle throughout; not to mention the 19 pearl drops sewn along the V neckline. It was truly spectacular and of course Andrew encouraged me to try it on. It fit like a dream. 

I've always loved the House of Chanel. The brand's craftsmanship, simplicity and opulence are breathtaking. However it's price tag is beyond my reach. This piece encompassed all of the above at a price I could afford. My only concern was the deep V, but the fashionista in me knew I would improvise a solution. I left the store very pleased with my purchase.

Fast forward to day two of VFW. It was so much fun styling my outfit. I chose matching black pearl embellished heels and a dainty pearl detailed Kate Spade purse to complete my look. Both of these items were from Poshmark, a Thrift app, so my look that day was entirely created by thrifting. I felt a great sense of pride while wearing my dress. Sure it was beautiful, but for me it also represented empowerment and solidarity. 

Fashion has the power to help others in profound ways. I'm so grateful to My Sister's Closet. It's a lifeline for so many women in need of the Battered Women's support services and it definitely serves up a very stylish helping hand.

= = = = 

Marydora Winden is not only a My Sister's Closet supporter, she is a Fashionista with a passion for helping others. She enjoys expressing her creativity through styling fabulous thrift finds, refinishing furniture & writing. She has a deep appreciation for the arts & how they enhance our lives. You can follow her fashion adventures on her Instagram account @thestylish_nanny (a reference to her day job as a nanny).