Every Day is a Poem, Writing Challenge Day #3 - Create a Poem of Purpose

Every Day is a Poem by Jacqueline Suskin

Today focus of writing in this 10 day challenge turns to the exploration of my purpose and the importance of exploring the why behind my actions. This exploration could be simply of writing or it could things like the dreams I hold, how I spend my time, or take care of myself or my family.  

"Writers and artists create their work for a reason. Whether it be to simply let all of their emotions out onto the page so they don't explode, to inspire social change and activism, or to help heal their readers by sharing the guidance and wisdom of their personal story." 

While today I will start with a single purpose - my writing - I suspect as I expand that exploration in the future to other areas of my life, I will find a larger underlying theme to all I do - a who I am at my core discovery.  And I suspect it will have to do with my upbringing. But that is for a future discussion. 

Day 3 - Create a Poem of Purpose

Why do I write?  Why do I share the stories of others?  Why do I get goosebumps when interviewing?  Why do I feel dry and empty after 2 years of isolation? These are all good questions to start my "poem."  This won't really be written as a poem, more a random list of ideas as I explore, but who knows. I might come back and be able to use this for a serious poem in the future. 

Artwork by Ecuadorian Artist Andrea Realpe

I See Wings...
by Marilyn R. Wilson

A story, a conversation, a sharing
Their words flow out full of emotion
Goosebumps cover my arms as I listen
Where did my love of hearing life stories come from?
I am happiest when surrounded by a kaleidoscope
Of unique, unsuspected, exhilarating diversity.
I love hearing the ebb and flow of how others live and breathe
How they embrace a life of their own choosing without apology
I love the surprise of hearing about new experiences 
I hadn't dreamed of 
Once the hearing is over, however,
There is a commitment - to write, to share.
I am but a conduit, a wire, a microwave, a transmission.
My purpose is to give each of these stories wings,
To share the beauty of diversity,
To spread the message far and wide,
That diversity is humanity's greatest strength.
It is how we survive and grow and move forward.
There is no joy, no surprise, no new heights reached
In trying to all fit in the same box
Or be shaped by the same cookie cutter
Or cast in the same mold.
Break free, cast off limits grow wild and free.
I am here waiting for you
To hear your story
To give it wings.
Flying, swirling, diving, sorry.
I see the sky of humanity filled with wings
In every color, shape and style.
And each one is perfect just as it is. 
I see wings...