"Anything Could Happen!" - Stevie Crowne to Debut at LFW

Campaign photos by @ievali.art - Candid photos are mine

Somewhere in the last two weeks I received wonderful news.  A dear friend and talented young designer I know will be showing at London Fashion Week - Stevie Crowne.  Then today he reached out again with more news.  Suddenly I found myself walking down memory lane.  There are so many good memories.

I first met Stevie in 2013 after being blown away by his debut collection shown on the runway at Vancouver Eco Fashion Week. He was oh so young and his collection made a strong statement with pieces that were post apocalyptic in aesthetics - military jackets, religious symbolism, and heavy use of studs and spikes. From day one he was at the forefront of upcycling, recycling and bespoke.  His collections were and continue to be original works of art. We kept in touch as he moved first to Toronto, then Montreal and finally London - and he was one of 21 international designers to be a part of my upcycling challenge at EFWA in 2017. 

You can check out two my previous interviews - 2017 interview HERE! and 2019 interview HERE!, but remember these are old. As I have been following his career for nine years, I can still see hints of that 2013 young talent in his current design work, but both the designer and his work have grown and matured in huge way since then - his skills honed to new heights. He is an experienced artist rocking the London fashion scene.  From the bio on his website - 

"London, UK based Fashion Designer Stevie Crowne produces collections by reimagining, reinventing, and repurposing top quality vintage and thrift styles. Primarily focusing on sustainable practices, he upcycles his findings into fresh, bespoke, and contemporary fashion garments. Each Spring-Summer & Fall-Winter, eclectic, thematic collections are manifested that are both socially driven and equally individualistic."

Now set to showcase a new collection in his debut appearance at London Fashion Week (being held Feb. 18-22, 2022), Stevie is working hard to perfect each and every look. Showing a LFW is a huge honor, but also costly.  That can be a challenge, but one he is ready to meet head on.  He has been approved to produce a digital profile on the LFWA platform featuring a just launched Anything Could Happen” Special Edition LFW Fundraiser Tee. All proceeds from sales will go towards paying the fees for his upcoming runway show.  

Below is a note from Stevie sharing about his inspiration for the message on the shirt.

Anything Could Happen Campaign Message - 

"This design symbolizes the torch of inspiration that London has bestowed upon me since I set foot here. It also represents the eclectic nature of London which never ceases to inspire me. Every setting and every neighborhood I have had the privilege to visit has been full of adventures and bright people.
I hope every single person who purchases this shirt knows that no matter who you are or where you come from and what you have that anything could happen. I don’t want to keep you reading all day so I will conclude my statement with this. We can do more than we know; our limits as individuals have no bounds when we come together to support one another." -
Stevie Crowne