Every Day is a Poem Writing Challenge #8 - Use Your Joy

Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash

Day eight takes a look
at joy and how it can be used in your writing. I love the quote below from this chapter as it talks about how focusing on the joyous things in our lives can help us thrive even in hard times. I think that's an important lesson for me at least.

 "Poems can help us celebrate joyous events. To thrive amidst pain and confusion, we have to learn how to hone in on the things we're most grateful for and praise them with language."  
- Jacqueline Suskin, Every Day is a Poem

These last two years have been hard to bear as isolation is soul draining for me. Don't get me wrong, I love my alone time and get twitchy when it doesn't happen.  Isolation is different.  I miss doing live interviews, meeting people face to face, feeling their energy and touching another human being. These things bring me energy and inspiration, and I am determined to get them back in my life in 2022, even if in just a small way. 

Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

Yesterday found me at home on my birthday. While I couldn't have a big get-together, I found myself surrounded by love and light and joy.  My day had a slow and easy pace, yet was full of all kinds of wider connection.  There were lovely social media posts, a zoom family call, some texts and phone calls, a long walk and a bottle of champagne shared with my husband, and even one son who came over late in the afternoon for a games/dinner/movie night. I finished the day filled to the brim with joy.  

Photo by Alex Alvarez on Unsplash

There were a couple of exercises to explore in this chapter , but I had time for only one today.  I will be going back through this book more slowly during the course of the year - maybe one chapter a month - so I can really sink my teeth into each challenge in a deeper way  For today, however, I choose to write a piece exploring joy!

= = = =

Celebrating You

Here I am, filled with warmth,
Touched by your love 
In a way that is oh so real
Even though you are far away.

While I prefer a physical touch
Face to face, skin to skin,
There is something magical 
When it is experienced through words.

Yesterday was my birthday,
But I had to stay home.
I felt the isolation
From all those I love.

A post, a text, an email, a call,
You creatively found ways
To reach out to me
And make my day special.

Next birthday I hope
We will spend the day together
In the same room
Sharing a giant hug.

But for now
My heart is full
My cup overflowing
And I am filled with joy!

Here's to celebrating you -
The kindness you show,
And the love you share,
I am thankful for each of you in my life.