Every Day is a Poem Writing Challenge Day #4 - Share Your Answers

Photo by Jamez Picard on Unsplash

If I'm trying to invite anyone and everyone into my work, that doesn't mean I use simplified language. Instead, I have to build a language that is both uncommon and understandable.  - Jacqueline Suskin, Every Day is a Poem. 

The fourth day in this writing challenge actually had several exercises to try including reading your work to others. I may yet still do that. But the exercise that leapt out at me was to try to find ways to write using more descriptive, emotional language instead of using common words that may have different meanings for different people. HMMM - what word to choose.  There are so many that are open to interpretation - love, hate, joy, compassion, forest, sun, heat, cold.  

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

In the end I chose the word love as it's one that we hear regularly, often without a lot of depth to it. It's become almost like a hello at times.  What one person means when they say, "I love you," to someone can be radically different than what it means to the person hearing the words, "I love you." Sometimes it comes from a sincere place, sometimes not. With 37 years of marriage behind me, I have come to look at the word love differently, especially in the last two years.  I decided to try to explore this journey through poetry.

Spooning by Aurora Jensen

Again, I am not trying to establish myself as a skilled poet. I am simply using this as a way to challenge myself as a writer. The idea of sharing the word love in a different way means getting very personal, and that is scary. However, I choose to take a leap into the unknown. 

= = = 

Love Expressed

The word love, used as a verb,
So often falls short in practice. 
I love you, I love you, I love you.
Said three times by three different people
Can easily mean three different things.
I love to have sex with you,
I love the way I can control you,
I love having you by my side,
I love the way you look.
I love the way you support me.
I love the way I feel with you beside me.
I love...

For me it is your active expressions of love 
That have brought home what this word truly means, 
That have reached inside, right down to my core,
That have touched my soul.
It is not what the outside world taught me to look for -
Flowers, gifts, fancy dinners, expensive jewelry.
Your thoughtful offerings are the foundation that hold me up.

Love expressed is...
Your arms tight around me as I cry in despair.
The dark taste of the special coffee you took time pick up.
Savoring a chocolate melting in my mouth,
The last one, and you saved it just for me.
The way you always hold my hand when we take a walk.
The warmth from your body seeping into mine
When I can't sleep, so you spoon around me.
My body relaxes into yours and my mind empties.
Sleep comes.

The respect you offer me
Even when I know you do not agree.
"It is your choice. Do what you think best."
Your words floor me.
They let me spread my wings and fly.
This offering of freedom to exercise my will,
To do what I think best regardless of how you feel,
Is beyond priceless in my eyes.

All these are true expressions of love given.
All you ask in return is for me to wrap you tightly 
With my own offerings of love expressed.