Every Day is a Poem Writing Challenge Day #5 - Use Your Senses

Photo by Elly Johnson on Unsplash

"With any one of our sense, we can uncover a wealth of inspiration. I smell the blooming jasmine and let it spark a memory of my first visit to Los Angeles, and then a poem begins to form...I like to move through each one of my senses to discover what they expose." - Jacqueline Suskin, Every Day is a Poem.

The focus of chapter five in Every Day is a Poem by Jacqueline Suskin is on connecting with your senses and bringing that connection in to your writing. The suggestion is to focus on one sense only for the next few days of writing - seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching - and incorporate that experience into a poem or piece of writing.

Photo by Ilya Shishikhin on Unsplash
HMM...What to choose for today.  I am surprised to find I actually struggle to single out one sense. Enjoying my morning cuppa is about smell and taste and warmth.  Walking along the river incorporates what I see, hear and smell.  Taking one sense alone feels very strange.  So maybe for today I will let go and just let the senses come forward however they want to. Tomorrow I'll pull out a journal and try to explore writing using just one sense. 

Again, this challenge is simply about pushing myself in new directions as a writer, to help me continue to hone my skills and grow in my craft. I am not working on writing great poetry at this point, just trying to work my way through the exercises. 

= = = =

Photo by Lex Sirikiat on Unsplash

Morning Latte

First there is waiting in silence
As the gleaming expresso machine warms.
All my sense heighten.
Anticipation stirs me awake.
Then the aroma of the ground coffee beans
Wafts up as I scoop the deep brown grounds.
Sometimes I think the ground smell better than the brew.
Scooping them creates a slight sandy sound
That arouses even more anticipation.
How will I wait?
My ears are teased awake
By the pumping, hissing sound that builds
As the super heated water is forced through the grounds.
The scent of the grounds change. 
The aroma is mellower and
Wakes me even more.
As I froth and heat the milk
My hands feel the vibration.
My nose again senses the new aroma.
Lowly milk becomes a light foam
That creates a visual crown.
I do not know how to make a fancy design yet,
Buy my eyes still respond to my final creation.
It's time.  
My hands wrap around the warm mug,
Soaking up some of the heat.
I lean forward, eyes closed, to enjoy the completed scent,
Each of the former ones are now melded together.
Then comes the sip.  
This ritual every morning begins my day.
I love every single step of it,
And how it slowly awakens each of my senses.