Poetry - I Walk Between by Marilyn R. Wilson

Ladyfern Photos on Unsplash

I Walk Between

The sun has just started to peek over the horizon.
It is time to begin my walk between.
The path is mossy, muting my steps.
The air silent, but an energy pulses in the background.

Plants reach out for nurturing.
Some wanting sunshine and dry ground,
To help them become their lushest.
Others are craving the damp shadows where
Pockets of moisture feed their souls.
My heart answers. I will help.

Sometimes that help means movement.
This plant tucked in the shade of another,
A perfect symbiosis that helps them both grow.
Other times help means separation.
A relocation to a place better suited.
Movement is always hard.

Movement requires digging up roots
That are well established.
Movement means taking a step back,
Putting growth on hold for awhile.
Movement means building new relationships
With the new community that now surround them.

Sometimes my heart aches.
I want to leave the plants where they are.
I don't want to disturb their peace and quiet.
I don't want to interrupt their growth.
But to become their best selves,
Often means a change that must be embraced.

I  continue to walk between,
Stopping here to touch a leaf.
Stopping there to whisper encouragement,
To remind them they are loved and they are safe,
Whatever change is needed.
I'll be there, walking with beside them.