Poetry - My Morning Muse

Photo by Sage Friedman on Unsplash

My Morning Muse
by Marilyn R. Wilson

The sun has not fully risen
But the sky has started to lighten.
That is the signal for my mind to awaken.
Thoughts start to swirl like 
Wisps of smoke rising. 

A dream that disturbed
To revisit with curiosity
To mine fully and deeply
For emotional clues.
To what truth it revealed

Thoughts of what await.
Anticipation and delight
Bubble up equally and happily.
What surprises await?
They call me to a new day.

Some days my waking mind
Just asks me to stay.
A moment of silence and calm.
A mantra to ground me.
A meditation to focus my thoughts.

Lately my waking sometimes
Welcomes a new friend.
She whispers in my ear
Words that excite and delight.
My morning muse

Her visits are unexpected,
I wish they were daily.
Her voice stirs my creativity
I am drawn from my bed
To catch them on paper.

Each whisper draws out
A poem, a story,
A chapter, an article,
A thought, a musing,
That must be born.

Has my morning muse always
Walked beside me daily
On my writers journey
And I simply didn't hear her
Until this new year?

Now she is my companion
Every day she is willing.
I write holding her close
My ears listening intently
To hear her soft whispers.

My Morning Muse.