Poetry - What I Have Learned

Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

What I Have Learned

by Marilyn R. Wilson

37 years of walking a shared journey. 
37 years of highs and lows, of joys and sorrows.
37 years of agreements that united, and fights that divided.
37 years of trial by fire that burned our walls down.
37 years of precious memories created and treasured.
37 years, I would do it all over again without a single regret.

What I have learned...

I have learned to let go of outside illusions, 
That the image society offers doesn't work for our hearts.
Our love is forged every day with simple small gestures.
The touch of our lips when we say good morning.
Your hand touching my shoulder for no reason at all
Except as a reminder to say I see you, I am here.

I accept some emotions are too hard to share,
That our times of silence can be just revealing.
Every day, every walk, our hands reach out
And clasp tightly together until we return home. 
My heart knows yours and is filled with gratitude
That we both choose to embrace this journey together. 

What I have learned...

Encased in your arms when I am lost in despair,
Your touch fills my need when nothing else can.
In your arms, in that that moment, I know deep in my soul.
I am safe, I am loved and you'll shield me from harm.
No flowers or jewelry or fancy dinners or presents
Can ever replace being surrounded by you.. 

On those dark, difficult nights when I toss and I sigh,
You turn over with great care and spoon gently around me.
The heat from your body draws the tension from mine.
With a grateful sigh, I relax into your embrace.
Slowly but surely my eyes close. The world disappears.

What I have learned...

Our love is unique and so is it's expression. 
I release the world to it's view of how love is shown
And allow our hearts to find their own way.
A way that will continue to draw use together,
A way that will continue to nourish our love.
Here's to the gift of touch for another 37 - bodies willing.


  1. This absolutely lovely poem brought me to tears. I have been married to Bill for 43 years. Your expression of love, compassion, respect, and commitment is spot on to everything our marriage has meant to me and certainly Bill. Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem.

    1. Thanks for commenting. That means the world to me as a writer.


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