Interview With Julie Ann Hoyle, Author, Spiritual Counselor, Artist & Personal Growth Teacher

Please share about your journey to embrace the career you now have.

When I was 33, a profound spiritual awakening virtually dissolved my identity and radically changed the direction of my life. Although I had been a lucid dreamer since birth, and had always been what you might term “psychic” the awakening was unexpected and outside any frame of reference I had ever known. I had no way to gauge the huge changes that were taking place. All the old beliefs about who I thought I was dissolved. My intuitive gifts opened up dramatically. The ability to perceive what was going on with others, physically, emotionally, and psychologically became heightened and as clear as if I was observing myself.

This process was overwhelming, to put it mildly. To try and assimilate everything, I wrote a diary, which later took the form of an E-book, 'An Awakened Life- A Journey of Transformation.' I also began an in-depth spiritual search. I trained in diverse therapies and modalities, which included Yoga and Reiki. I became certified in Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Development, and Counseling, as well as the therapeutic applications of art.

While the academic and professional qualifications act as a backdrop to what I offer, the lasting and long term success I have had and continue to have with clients arises from the ability to see. I am able to clearly see a client with respect to his or her innate gifts, skills and talents. I see where he or she is stuck in old patterns, even the most subtle.

From this place of clear seeing, I am able to point to what needs to be done to dissolve fear and take action steps. Then once those steps are set in motion, I am able to help reorient a client in a more expansive and purposeful direction. I work with clients all over the world. I help them make subtle and major changes in order to align with their passion and purpose. And for clients already on their path, I bring laser-like clarity to what needs to be done.

Can you describe the different services you offer?

Some people reach out because they have no clue what their purpose in life is or might be, this is where life purpose readings are beneficial. Others, who have had an awakening and need help navigating the emotional and psychological impacts, find mentorship essential. The services I offer speak directly to the different issues that arise as a person wakes up, confronts his or her shadow and learns to align with his or her authentic Higher Self.

How does your approach differ when working with one person versus a couple? Does working with two create any special challenges?

Working with one person is straightforward. I focus on what needs to be looked at. With couples it is different. On several occasions I have had a client say, “I want you to work with my partner, he or she is having difficulties in our relationship” My response is always, “Does he or she want this?” If the answer is no, or if the partner is ambivalent (or just agreeing because one wants it, I say “No.” When a couple are both in full agreement, the work is incredibly powerful and effective.

What do you most hope clients will take away from your private sessions?

After a session, a client always walks away with clarity around a specific issue or issues. They are given an action plan too, which empowers them and allows them to re-engage with an aspect of their lives that they had formerly felt was irreconcilable. For example, I recently worked with a client who had difficulty finding any joy in her life. Growing up, she was taught to believe that she was not creative. She was also taught to believe she had no intuitive gifts and colorful clothes did not suit her. When I started shining light on these untrue patterns and beliefs, she began to see how these inner messages had oriented her life, restricting authentic expression. Now she is reconnecting with her innate joy through exploring her creativity and discovering that she is indeed intuitive. She has always been, she just never recognized what was innate to her.

You have published five books. What are their titles and can you give just a short soundbyte on each? Which would you recommend readers start with?

“An Awakened Life, A Journey of Transformation,” details what happened when a Yogi Shaman appeared in a lucid dream, tapped me on the top of the head and gave “Shaktipat” initiation. This story is a wild, amazing read, and every word is true.

“Living An Awakened Life,” guides and motivates you to trust your own inner guidance and align with purpose. Filled with simple anecdotes and self inquiry practices, this book is a great support for awakened living.

“Meeting the Shadow Finding Your Self - A Handbook on How to Transform the Dark Side of Your Personality,” If you deny your darkness you deny your light. If you want to live in the most authentic way possible, then you have to make your darkness conscious. Shadow work is essential and this book reveals how to acknowledge and accept the darkness within and importantly, how to receive the priceless gifts it is here to offer.

“Wake Up and Say Yes! A Practical Guide to Lucid Living and Lucid Dreaming.” If you are ready to become conscious in both the waking and the dream state, this book is for you. It will help you become hyper-vigilant, conscious, aware, and awake. It will support you to recognize your gifts and come home to the profundity of who you are through all states of being.

“The Shadow Work Diaries, How the Darkness You Fear Holds the Treasure You Seek,” is a profound and captivating account of how shadow work transforms your life. Part one details what the shadow is, and how to utilize the unconscious. In part two, nine writers describe how they were compelled to undertake shadow work, how they engaged with simple practices to communicate with the dark side of the psyche, and what the incredible outcomes have been.

Readers can start with any of the books. However, if they want an understanding of how the process of awakening started in my case, then I recommend starting with, “An Awakened Life, A Journey of Transformation.”

You also run events. Are they usually online or in person? Do you have any coming up? What is the best way for readers to hear about them?

The events I offer are a mix of in person and online. The best way for ​readers to find out what is on offer is to head to my website:

In closing I would love to have you share a favourite quote - one that is YOUR go to.

I have always loved the quote from Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri. He once said, “The Heart is the hub of all sacred places, go there and roam.”

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