Poetry - I Simply Ride the Wave

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I Simply Ride the Wave
by Marilyn R. Wilson

Dark, suffocating, constricting. 
My heart races.
My emotions boil. 
Another night of terrors
That leave me filled with anxiety.

Why? I don't know.

Sometimes the theme is
Easy to understand.
A child you forgot to pick up.
A friend angry with you.
A husband who leaves you.

These are the fears of the soul.

Other times they 
Are an enigma. 
The story lines wild and fictional.
Their messages darkly obscure.
But the effect is the same.

I awake tired and emotionally drained. 

Occasionally dreams can be joyful.
A child born.
A hilarious bit of nonsense.
These wake me with a smile on my face.
Why are these so very rare?

Dreams are at best unpredictable.

Whatever boils deep within
That my mind mines for ideas
To create each night's wanderings
Are buried in murky depths.
They simply magically bubble up.

Each night all I can do is simply ride the wave.