Poetry - A Leap of Faith

A Leap of Faith
by Marilyn R. Wilson

The path I have been following
Has come to an end.
I am stalled and uncertain. 
Is my journey done?
The future bleak and uninviting?

Along the way I have explored
Side doors that excited.
Built my own portals when 
None could be seen.
I walked through each gateway 
With breathless anticipation.

Who knew my path would stop here
In this place, at this time?
Who knew there would be 
No more doors to walk through,
And no more material to build with?
But wait? What is that?

From deep within a tsunami arises.
It urges me forward relentlessly.
There is a new opportunity calling.
I can feel it's presence, it's rightness.
And that means just one thing -
A leap of faith into the unknown. 

There are two emotions within
Fighting a battle to the death.
One is my protector who
Wants to keep me cocooned and safe.
For weapons it offers both
Deep fear and paralyzing self-doubt.

The other is my spirit, my soul, 
Which deeply desires without fear
I reach passionately for the stars,
Explore eagerly in new directions
Explode outwardly like a supernova,
Until I am again who I was at birth.

Despite my protector's
Best efforts to contain me,
I choose joy. I chose the uncharted.
My soul helps me leap with wild abandon.
I soar into the unknown willingly
And find my inspiration there. 

I turn left, I change directions,
I learn, I become,
I grow, I evolve,
And in that process
I find new dreams and passions
My utter joy flows outward. 

Over and over, day after day,
Leaping becomes a welcome obsession.
I am a moth becoming a butterfly,
I am a prism with many faces,
Becoming means change is never-ending,
It transforms and moves me forward.  

A leap of faith is my key to
An amazing journey that
Is more than I ever could dream of. 
One that re-energizes and inspires,
Brings me challenges and gifts,
And guides me to the discovery of
Who I have always been.