Vancouver Fashion Week FW22 - VCC Fashion Showcase

VCC Fashion Grad will be showing on the runway at VFW FW22 on Thurs., April 7th at 5 p.m. Tix HERE!

After two years of hard work in VCC’s Fashion Design & Production Diploma, the graduates are excited to showcase their final garment collections at Vancouver Fashion Week!
Showcasing a collection on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week is the culmination of the two year Fashion Design & Production diploma at VCC. This isn’t the first time the students are showcasing their talent to the world though. Throughout the first year of the program, they are creating products under the label Colure that get sold at boutiques around the city. After only six weeks in school, their first item, usually a tote bag, shows up for sale in boutiques like Giving Gifts. They also create t-shirts and tops that get sold at Dream on Granville Island, Hunter and Hare, and Branches and Knots. The money raised from sales goes into scholarships for the students. Being on the runway though is different. They have spent over 135 hours designing, drafting and constructing their final collection. The clothes they create are an expression of their own sartorial interests and personal experiences that they hope will catch the eye of the industry, media and possible employers. It’s their moment to shine and to showcase all they have learned at VCC.


Miya Bahreini

Miya Bah is a Fashion Designer and artist based in Vancouver. Their work revolves around meeting the needs of those who are forgotten by the traditional fashion industry by creating expressive and inclusive garments that make use of adjustable elements to create durable and accommodating pieces. Their work translates their experience into statement pieces and casual wear that can be incorporated into any style and layer of clothing. Miya has always viewed clothing as a protective and functional medium through which they can express their thoughts and visions. Their work toes the line between mysterious and bold, by making use of opposite fabrics such as dark wool suiting and shimmering light reactive vinyl to create illusions within the garments. Currently, they enjoy experimenting with adding hand-painted motifs for an organic offset to the rigid tailoring and support structures.

"Neuroelectric makes use of various loose and organic surface design elements in contrast with more rigid and technical elements to recreate the chaotic and unstable line I walk in dealing with my mental health struggles. Much like a thunderstorm, mental health challenges are unpredictable, unstable, terrifying, and sometimes feel like we've been struck by a lightning bolt; regardless, many of us stare at thunder in awe when we do get the chance to see it. There's something so beautiful about the way the lightning crackles, dances, and lights up the sky that makes us find hope again. It reminds us that there is a light awaiting us behind the dreaded storm. For a split second, we get to see the brightness of the day and that glimmer of hope is what carries us through whatever life may throw at us."

Eldrich Lucero

Designer Eldrich Lucero experiments with unconventional surface designs and structures to achieve his vision. His excitement for design and creating coincided and echoed the fun, the risk, and the exploration of the community that inspired this collection.

The collection, Red Light District, invites you to celebrate the freaky fun of the neon-lit night. This collection is a playful love letter to the fetish community, where ballroom meets ball-gag. Heavily inspired by drag and performance culture these looks were a challenge that gave plenty of room for play and experimentation.

Setayesh Amannejad

Setayesh Amannejad is a Vancouver-based Bridal and Eveningwear Designer. Setayesh is inspired by entirely new concepts for design; incorporating high end luxury textiles, unique crystal hand beading techniques and unconventional augmentations on traditionally draped silhouettes. The overall style is extremely feminine and classic and is intended for the bride who appreciates modern interpretations. Silhouette and DNA from fluid A-line to fantasy princess, mermaids style and also micro pleating. Combining elements of haute couture, high end, classic and romantic fashion to make a dream night for you.

Ronnie Teo

My collection, called Fieldtrip, tells the story of an odd sheep out, named Daylily. The sheep starts out on a farm, but eventually leaves the barn to go on an adventure packed journey complete with frolicking in fields, eating all new kinds of vegetation, and most importantly, finding a friend. The pair end up in a new meadow they call home, cultivated by the seeds gathered and spread by their fleece.

The sheep is named after the real life Daylily, who lives on Barnston Island here in BC! Designer Ronnie Teo processed Daylily's fleece from raw fibre all the way to finished garment. This includes washing, brushing, and spinning the fleece into yarn, then crocheting and knitting with the finished wool. The collection draws inspiration from old school children's playmats, giving the collection a nostalgic and energetic mood as you follow Daylily on the fieldtrip of a lifetime!

Jericho Layugan

Jericho Layugan is a fashion and costume designer who draws inspiration from film, anime, and video games, especially those that feature vast worlds with themes of fantasy and adventure.

His collection, Futures Rewritten, is inspired by an award-winning video game known as Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. The game features the tale of Ryne and Gaia, two young girls who meet by chance encounter in a land known as “The Empty.” They devoted themselves to a destiny that neither of them wished for - Ryne to fulfill her role as the Oracle of Light, and Gaia to fulfill her role as the Oracle of Darkness. Their story shows their struggles of trying to commit to their roles on their own, but they later discover that they are able to rely on each other. Despite their contradicting ‘titles,’ they were able to restore a once desolate plane to its former beauty. 

Futures Rewritten features four design concepts. The first two represent Ryne and Gaia in their respective ethereal forms, while the next two looks represent them as humans that were able to form a bond and come to terms with their fates.

Kiera West

Kiera West is a Vancouver based luxury lingerie designer. Focused on inclusive sizing, high quality garments, and sustainable practices, she is setting herself apart with her luxurious and playful designs. Kiera believes that clothing and especially lingerie have a unique power to make any woman feel beautiful at any shape or size. This Fashion Week Collection is inspired by old glamour with warm tones and classic cuts that embrace the woman’s body rather than change it.

Damla Ikiler

My collection is inspired by winter. It is my favorite time of the year, I like the feelings of wrapping and comforting myself in bulky garments. Creating a connection between shorter/darker days and inner feelings of lightness and hope makes me see the season on a personal level. In my collection, I have experimented with bulky fabrics and oversized shapes. I picked the black as my main color for the collection while occasionally using colorful pathwork fabrics and small charms to give a glimse of the eccentricity that exists within darkness.

Bhagha Shree

My collection is inspired by Art Nouvea which is an international style of art, architecture, and applied arts. I have tried to embrace the new materials and methods which I have not worked with before. I have tried to work with old customs and innovative ideas together. New liberation of women and fashion, new softer silhouette using fabric like lace, satin.

My design also includes lace, floral elements, and characteristics colours. This is the first time using the colours like red, orange and tried to mix them up. Reason for me to choose these colours are because my designs are playful, energetic, and engaging. I really went out of my comfort zone to create these designs which really took me long to finish it.

I had manifested the most fashionable then the moderate version of designs as I wanted to go for something different that is not my style. Worked hard to make it a high quality as I want to stand out and have that visual impact on people.

I tried to use this opportunity to display what I could offer as a designer while completing my studies and took the risks in my collection where I was not confident with the fabric, colour, and the design but I trusted myself that I can make it and so I did it.

Jared Guerzon

Inspired by stage-wear and music, designer, Jared Guerzon, has curated a collection that symbolizes an acceptance of love and references performers. The collection encapsulates all of the shining surface textures that would be used by a performer for even the people in the back to see. Each with their own story. Each look possesses a certain genre, a certain personality that is all tied together with a burning red and lovely pink-heavy palette. The looks increase in romanticism as the headliners hit the stage to create a collection for the brave, fun and dramatic.

Tamia Morgan

Tamia Morgan is an experimental mix-media artist specializing in new forms related to fashion design. Everything she creates is expressive; sparked from the world around her, ideologies, and emotions. As she herself is ever evolving, her goal is to always be challenging traditional ideas with new interpretations and practices.

As a graduate from the Fashion Design and Production program at Vancouver Community College, she has made use of her creativity in a functional way, taking several capsule collection pieces from abstract concept to tangible reality.

“Reclaim” is a collection made to give visual representation for the process of the mind reclaiming the body after experiencing sexual trauma. For each look she uses detailed symbolism, allowing the garments to speak for themselves.

Lana Argatoff

My runway collection concept is based on death and rebirth. I am inspired to do this from experiences with my own mental health, it's like a rebirth, once you start progressing. I am using nature as a metaphor and for imagery, these types of paraphernalia are inspiring and charming. The looks are to feel new and revitalizing. This process of nature represents rebirth and reinvention.

Dana Narver

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VCC’s Fashion Design & Production Diploma mimics the real-world fashion industry. Students experience a fast-paced production process while learning fundamental skills and the use of industry standard software such as Illustrator and Gerber CAD. The self-directed final garment project is a student’s opportunity to hone in on their craft and personal sartorial interests. For more information, please visit

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