Interview With Deborah Drummond, Ultrapreneur, Speaker, Neora, Podcaster, Author & Ayurveda

Can you please share a bit about your journey to become an entrepreneur? Was this a dream from childhood or one that came about in a different way? 

The abbreviated version is that I didn’t know I would be an entrepreneur. I always had a great work ethic. I treated the companies I worked for with respect and worked like I owned the place. I was raised to be proud of what you put your mind to so it wasn’t much of a switch that when I decided to own my own business it would be much different in terms of dedication.
It really was the second day in a massage school that it hit me like a bolt of lightening and insatiable experience of joy and elation when I sat there whilst pregnant with my daughter that I was going to create my own massage practice. I could barely hold back my excitement and my mind was racing with ideas .

I know you have more than one focus? Can you share a little bit about each of your businesses?

All of what I do falls into the categories of making people better - Health, Wealth and Wellness. I truly believe in all that I do - endorse health products, speak to organizations and individuals about healthy living and natural anti aging, as well as create entrepreneurship opportunities for others to do the same.

I have a media company Mission Accepted that has podcasts, book anthology opportunities, endorsement spots on my website for entrepreneurs to be involved in to get exposure for their businesses . I also have Mastermind Classes as well as private training for people in the entrepreneurial world to help them reach Top Performance.

All that I do helps others.

This year you are developing several wonderful resources to support people in direct sales? What inspired you to expand in this direction.

After having an incredible career of 30 years in entrepreneurship, and having a life of success in business, it was time to create platforms for others to do and have the same. It has been an organic experience of learning and sharing my whole career.

I started the first women's network event in my basement 30 years ago because there was none! It’s not a surprise for people that know me to see me do what I do. I have always offered myself in mentorship and support to anyone along the way. One of the reasons why I hit the stage so many years ago was to help as many people as I can at once.

Mastermind groups are so powerful and I saw a need for those to help people get thru the frustration of building a business. Of course I love doing the one-on-one and getting in the trenches with people and watch the miracles unfold. That’s very rewarding. 

What kind of characteristics do you find most helpful for those interested in a career in direct sales?

People that at the core care about others, have a strong desire to make changes, are willing to learn and try new skills, can recover from hearing the word no, have a win/ win perspective about life and can be patient but dedicated to themselves .

Can you share about the collaborative book you are creating for fall release?  How could interested readers get more information on being included in this great opportunity?

Yes absolutely, I am an enthusiast for entrepreneurship and collaboration. I have a big heart for the profession of direct sales . I believe it to be the most equal opportunity employer. The collaboration for July 14th launch is a book called 22 Women Ultrapreneurs and History Making Couples in Network Marketing Tell All.

Neora Wellness Products

It is an incredible book of inspiring stories of the journey from first walking in the doors in our profession to levels of achievement and success . This book is the real deal . The ups and challenges and is full of success secrets on how to navigate the business to achieve the results that people seek from our industry. It is a book for everyone at every level . 

If someone would like to participate and share their story in our next edition please contact me and let’s talk . This is a must read for anyone in the industry or who wants to really understand what this profession truly is. We have a fabulous international online book Launch on July 14th , it is open to the public for anyone that wants an invite pls reach out.

I know you are also developing another product - a work calendar that has QR Codes on the pages. What makes this the perfect tool for those in direct sales?

Yes this is what I call the Day Planner for Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Parents. I have been an entrepreneur since I was in my 20s and it has been a life long challenge to find the perfect planner and I never found one so I thought I’d make my own! I’m a big believer of personal development.

This planner is a combined planner of business and personal development strategies and accountability that the planner offers for you . It’s goal centered and time saving in ways that will give people more time back for themselves . This planner has it all ! It remembers everything for you and every week you are going to be inspired by the coolest people on the planet!

Each week you’ll hover over your QR code on your page and either a quote or video will pop up on your phone with a message that’s pumping with positivity and messages of encouragement! It’s the coolest thing ever. Imagine opening up your planner and having someone you admire jumping off the page sharing a message just for you that day! This Planner has been said to increase people’s business and sanity many times over .

If you are someone that wants to be considered to provide a quote please reach out.

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What would you most like to share with readers, something you hope everyone you work with walks away with?

That as your life changes so do you.  I have been a Top Performance Coach for people for almost 30 years and there seems to be a misconception out there that top performance means you make your life hard, you work all the time, your life is about sacrifice, it’s tough and you are never balanced . Nothing could be further from that way of thinking. Being the best you can be doesn’t have to mean any of those things

Being someone whom wants to reach to higher states of life means just that, expanding oneself and being willing to be uncomfortable to better oneself actually gives you more choices, it gives you energy, doesn't take it away, it gives you opportunities to grow and collaborate in a way that not expanding doesn’t. Remember where you go you follow. Be good with you. It’s the 3 minutes that your head is on the pillow before you sleep and the three mins upon your waking that will tell you if you need to do something different. Love yourself .

 I would love to close with your favourite go-to quote. One that lifts you up. 

I have 2 -

It’s the moments not the hours that will change your business and your life .

Don’t go to your bank manager for advice about your relationships, always seek experts in the field you are looking to achieve.

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