Poetry - I AM......


Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

I Am.....

When I was young and as I grew,
The truth surrounding me was clear.
You are....This, that, and the other -
Unchangeable, static, set until the day you die.

If I tried a hobby, or explored a new career,
The expectation was again set in stone.
You will work hard, you will conquer,
And you will continue with them 'til your last breath.

With my whole heart I believed their words. 
I tried to stay on track and never vary.
But my soul began to shrink, my energy faded.
One day I leapt up and yelled, "I AM BORED!"

It took years of searching and growing,
Reading, meditating and finding mentors,
To begin to understand how I was made,
A diverse, complex, complicated creature. 

I am....

A woman, a child of two parents,
A sister to two brothers.
A daughter whose parents have passed.
A wife, an aunt, a daughter-in-law.

I am a mother to three by birth,
To several more by choice.
I am a friend, an adventurer and
A creative spirit who writes.

I am a seeker of wisdom, striving to grow,
Who loves giving wings to other's stories.
I love a mighty adrenalin rush,
And leaping into the unknown with wild abandon.

Unpredictable and always changing.
From one day to the next,
From one situation to the next,
Each time a different side of me steps forward.

I am....

A multi-faceted sparkling diamond.
A fabulous antique kaleidoscope,
Where the view shifts wonderfully
With each slight turn of the barrel.

I embrace my complexity with joy,
Each side of me allowed time in the sun.
I offer who I am in each the moment
With pride, celebration, and absolutely no apology.

Be warned, you might see one facet of me one day
Then bump into a different one the next,
And then a strangely, a totally different on another.
Relax and breathe and enjoy the surprise.

All these sides - dark and light,
Joyous and sad, smiling and frowning
Full of energy, and tired to the bone.
They are all still utterly, authentically me. 

I am....