Poetry - In Awe of Maya

After two weeks
spent with my granddaughter, I felt the call of my muse saying clearly this is where you will begin writing today.

= = =

In Awe of Maya
by Marilyn R. Wilson

I remember meeting you
When you were but a future hope.
Worry had me talking to the ether,
Reaching for souls wishing to be born.

Somewhere during my one-sided conversations
Your soul answered my heart felt call.
I simply knew...You were coming,
So my daughter's reveal was no surprise,

When you became a physical presence
A small soul growing inside her,
I lost the feeling of your presence near me
As your spirit bonded tightly to hers.

Then you were born.

I remember your tiny body squirming in my arms,
Unsure of how to face what you were experiencing,
Shaken by how different it felt to be
Outside of her warm and comforting womb.

I remember your frightened tears of panic
When you were placed naked in a basin of water
To wash your tender, new skin clean.
Then your relief at being wrapped snuggly in a soft towel

I remember bouncing you wildly
On a huge, blue exercise ball.
You held safely in my eager arms.
Eyes closed, senses abandoned to the motion.

I remember the 10 month old, then 20 month old,
Full of curiosity and wonder,
Needing guidance and encouragement,
Getting me to read you books by the hour.

That has all changed.

Now 28 months old, a real person greets me,
With words, ideas, and strong opinions.
Movement is now the theme of the day,
From park, to walks, to hide and seek.

Your inner self has begun to peek out.
Your strengths and desires are becoming visible
As are the innate fears you will face.
I can begin to say the profound words, "I see you!"

Who will you be the next time we meet?
What new aspect of you will have emerged,
To show itself to me with joy and pride?
A surge of anticipation rushes through me.

You are wonderfully and perfectly made.