Poetry - Oh To Be Seen...

Oh To Be Seen...
by Marilyn R. Wilson

Oh to be seen...

I know the feeling well,
Of finding myself invisible.
Of being alone in a crowd.
Of standing outside looking in.
Wanting to come inside.

I was born perfectly perfect,
But quickly learned to hide.
Social pressures and expected boxes
Became cages that trapped me.
Freedom a pipe dream.

I grew twisted and broken,
My becoming tragically stunted
Like trees along the ocean shore,
Damaged by the salty ocean breezes,
Bent and suffering.

Then came a miracle,
An earthquake, an open door.
My world shifted and tilted
Tears of relief flowed freely.
Hope rushed through me. 

This came about unexpectedly,
When my mentor said three simple words.
They had echoed around me,
But never landed fully before. 
I began to celebrate

What were the three words
That broke my chains,
That spread my wings,
So I could soar without limits?

She reached through my shell,
To my perfect soul hidden within,
And embraced who I was as I was,
With love and acceptance.
With relief I burst free!

The greatest gift you can give another
Is to look past the walls they hide behind,
The defenses and the fears that chain them,
To gaze upon the perfection within
And offer infinite acceptance.

Oh to be seen...