Off Broadway: A Marriage Drama by William A. Glass

Synopsis - 

Cindy and Dave Knight got married too young. Several years later they are trying to make the best of it. He is a salesman on the fast track with a prestigious corporation. She is the indispensable assistant to a prominent Broadway producer. They own an apartment in Manhattan and enjoy knocking around the city together. However, Dave’s erratic behavior and career obsession strain the relationship. Can it be saved?

Review - 

Off Broadway is author William A. Glass' second book. While a very different story line, it is again full of dark emotions, an alcoholic father, a dysfunctional family and betrayal.  It follows David Knight's life journey in which the major focus his work life. His marriage only plays a minor part. 

I didn't get the feel there was a strong plot being followed in this story. Instead the author has chosen to have readers follow David as he moves through each day, letting us see how he perceives these experiences through his eyes.  He is a workaholic whose personal life  is a mess and definitely takes second place. He drinks too much. His family disconnected. He changes jobs on the promise of a better future, only to find the new company has secrets. Along the way his relationship with his wife sours, comes together again briefly, then sours for good He faces two huge betrayals - one work related and one personal. 

The story ends just as a new, better future opens up, so it does end on a hopeful note.  However, given his track record, I was left wondering if this new positive direction would pan out, or if he would again face betrayal and failure. It would be interesting to know. 

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Meet the Author
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William is a retired business executive now living in South Carolina with his wife, Bettina. She teaches high school German while Bill is the soccer coach at a small college. Their three sons, Alex, Robert, and Gordon have all graduated from college and moved away to pursue careers. Now Bill and Bettina enjoy long walks with their dogs. When the weather permits, Bill commutes on his motorcycle. “It’s like taking a roller coaster to work!” he enthuses.

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