Poetry - The Falls

The Falls
by Marilyn R. Wilson

You were only mentioned in passing,
Then ignored for other explorations.
But somehow as we drove by
On our way to alternate adventures
You caught my eye.

It was only a tiny glimpse
Captured through the car window
As we sped up the highway.
But your gleaming white top
Was frothing and foaming.
An image that kept nudging.

On our way home 
We answered your call.
It was only a short walk
But your voice beckoned loudly.
"I am at my strongest.
Come revel in my power."

This was the perfect moment
On the perfect day.
Oceans of water poured
Over your cliff's edge
In a joyous display
Of wild and savage beauty.

Your melody pounded through me
In response every nerve came alive.
I felt your strength,
And soaked it in hungrily.
But there was more awaiting
As I started to walk away.

Turning left at a fork I wandered
Along a wild untamed stream
Where your abundance surged away.
Water sprayed over edges
And gushed around stones
With abandon and passion.

Surrounded by your wonder,
And glorious display of strength,
I sat still in repose.
A rock cradling my body,
Immersed in your beauty.
Time stood still.

From my perch I could view
All that you offered
From cliff edge to downstream.
I could hear the multitude of notes
You were singing joyously,
All blended in perfect harmony.

I know that the next time I arrive
Your presence will be different.
The ocean of water you offer today
Will have diminished.
Your voice will be softer,
But my soul will still listen.