Poetry - Happy Pride, To My Family With Love

Happy Pride, To My Family With Love
by Marilyn R. Wilson

To all of my family
Celebrating this year's Pride.
I want to confirm to the world
That I stand by your side. 

To my cousin who struggled,
To find love and acceptance,
From her family that simply
Wanted her repentance. 

To my niece who grew up
Both loved and adored.
Who passes on the same gift
To those who were ignored. 

To my second cousin who took
A long time to come out.
Then faced down the haters
And let go of self doubt.

To my bonus sons who struggled
With acceptance when young,
I am proud of your strength and
The men you've become.

To my brother from another mother
Who stands firm in his being,
And shines light in the darkness
For those who are reeling.

You've stepped out of the shadows
You stand tall in the light.
Let your voices ripple outward
There's more change to ignite.

Look to the sidelines,
You'll see me there celebrating.
And I couldn't be prouder
Of the world you’re creating.

I stand as an ally,
Love the bond we have forged.
You are special, you are perfect,
You are embraced and adored. 

Happy pride, to my family with love!