Poety - Uneasy Joy

Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash

Uneasy Joy
by Marilyn R. Wilson

Today while reading
Two words leapt off the page.
Like arrows launched,
They flew threw the space
Between book and my heart,
And landed with a thud.

"Foreboding Joy" dug deep
Through my protective armor
And nestled near my core.
They became a soul pacemaker
Whose beat began to create
A new heart rhythm.

Uneasy joy is the image
That bubbled up from deep inside.
Simple and clear.
It speaks of the jittery fear,
The expectation of catastrophe.
That arrives in a moment of joy.

I've felt this often.
Too many good things in a row
Bring the anticipation of a dark swing
That will balance the scale.
We can't have too much good.
The dark will surely follow.

Fear saps the light from our moment
Of joyous revelry.
How can we look at sleeping kids,
A welcome high moment
Or the beauty of our lives,
If joy walks hand in hand with fear?

Oh to instead stand in the moment
Cocooned in elation
Looking neither ahead or behind
Shutting the door on dark whispers
Of shadows that might lie ahead.
Simply joyous and grateful.

I chose to release fear of calamity.
And let go of my future.
I stand solely in this moment,
Embracing the light that surrounds me,
I banish the idea that bad follows good.
Uneasy joy is no longer welcome.