Poetry - Step Into My World

Step Into My World

by Marilyn R. Wilson

Racing down a dozen pathways
Fueled by adrenaline
Like an internal version
Of flying down a road
Wind in my hair
Scenery rushing by.

Then it comes
Something catches my mind's eye
My passion explodes
My vision zeroes in tight
Intense, focused, all-encompassing
On a single point.

The feeling again
Is of great energy
Almost like a drug rush.
Each and every time,
When the glorious chaos subsides
I am left spent.

Such is my journey
Walking hand in hand 
With a mind that moves differently
At a speed that is faster
That embraces both chaos and focus
Changing with each breath.

How does it feel to be different?
At times I ache with desire
To be rid of the smirks and eye rolls
To be in sync with those around me.
To be easily understood
When ideas pour out of me.

Other times I find ecstasy
Riding a tsunami of adrenaline.
And in times of laser focus
I love the feeling of intense concentration.
The speed work pours out of me.
Brings glorious satisfaction.

I am but one of a number
Who embrace being neurodivergent.
We are not broken.
We are unique and wonderful
We offer a different view of the world
To all who are willing. 

I heard it said once,
By someone wired uniquely,
What made the most difference
To her own self-acceptance
Were those who stepped into her world
And held open the door of possibility.

May we all make some time,
As we walk our unique path,
To step into another's world,
And honor their uniqueness.
Let us embrace diversity
With unconditional acceptance.