Poetry - Thank You For...To Keiko With Love

Thank You For...
To Keiko With Love
by Marilyn R. Wilson

Friends held apart
By the pandemic, by health concerns,
Trying to find a time
To connect over a catch-up cuppa,
Share a hug and a laugh,
Our passions and our struggles

Then in a moment you were gone.

For those who loved and admired you,
We learned of your passing
Through a social media post.
The response was instantaneous.
Sorrow, shock, memories
And hundreds of joyful photos.

The last was the best.

Your family shared your wish
To be remembered through celebration
Of your amazing life,
Your enthusiasm and positive force
That lifted us all up. 
So here's to you my dear friend.

Thank you for....

Your constant words of encouragement
The support you gave all of us struggling to begin
The fun that always arrived with your appearance
The extended family you mothered
Your positive way of teaching
And your utterly amazing amount of energy.

Thank you for...

The way you danced with abandon,
Arms flung wide.
Your passion for helping others flourish.
The role model of acceptance
That you lived through your actions.
How you encouraged us all to do the same.

Thank you for... 

The memories we created.
We never managed to connect enough,
But each moment is a cherished one.
My favourite? Two older ladies without apology
Sitting side-by-side on the floor
Sharing a private moment while surrounded by others.

Thank you for...being exactly you!