Poetry - A Reluctant Entrepreneur


Photo by Kristy Powers Photography

A Reluctant Entrepreneur
by Marilyn R. Wilson

Who am I? I am an artist.
A crafter of stories, a wordsmith.
Everyday I sit at the keyboard creating
A story, a poem, an article, a musing.

Once the ramblings have made the journey
From my soul to written expression, I pause.
Rereading, changing, moving, altering.
It is a trial by fire as I reach for perfection.

I am an artist, and yet....
There are whispers that swirl
In the aura surrounding me
That hint of a truth I do not welcome.

Organizing, promoting, marketing...
I lean in closer and hear...."Entrepreneur"
No no no - that is not who I am.
I am an artist, painting images with words.

There is not a bone in my body 
Drawn to profit, ads and selling.
I want to create, not promote,
Send ideas soaring, not focus in on sales.

But the voices persist. I bend to their will
And whisper sadly and softly, "Yes I am."
I picture these two sides of my craft as twins,
Both crying for attention, dividing my thoughts

The one I love more, I christened Muse.
She feeds my spirit and touches my soul.
To get my attention she snuggles in close
And softly whispers inspiration in my ear.

The difficult child I named Entrepreneur.
She speaks loudly and authoritatively,
Reminding me of work that needs to be done,
And dire consequences if she is ignored.

My heart gently urges I hold them both close
And listen with respect to the wisdom they share.
But the demands of the business side overwhelm me
And the magnetic pull of creating is hard to ignore.

A puzzle, a conundrum of epic proportions
With no easy solution or simple quick fix
All I know for sure in this moment is I am
Utterly and completely a reluctant entrepreneur.