Poetry - Silent Witness

Silent Witness
by Marilyn R. Wilson

Unexpectedly I am faced
With your outpouring of
Emotions too heavy to bear.

They are chaotic and uncensored.
My gut reaction to find the right words
That will make everything better. 

But in this moment of suffering,
What you need most from me
Is a safe space to erupt.

No words, just a caring heart.
Perhaps a pile of Kleenex at hand.
And definitely a caring touch.

You need me to be a silent witness.
A safe soul to whom you can expose
Your fear, anger, sorrow, and pain.

There are even times
What you need of me
Is simply to sit with you silence.

Side by side,
Touching or not,
Bonding without sound.

This doesn't come easy.
It goes against my upbringing
To stay quiet, to not act.

But I find a way in this moment.
I dig deep within and
Become what you truly need.

A silent witness.