Poetry - Let the Wave Take You


Let the Wave Take You
by Marilyn R. Wilson

Standing on the rugged shoreline,
Feet sinking into the gritty sand,
As rhythmic waves break all around
Loudly calling to me with their
Irresistible siren song  

Fear holds me back.
Will I be dragged mercilessly out to sea?
My arms have the brut strength needed
To rescue me from briny depths?
Will waves slam me brutally onto the shore?

I fight vainly against a
A formidable desire
To immerse myself in the moment
Turn my body over freely
Be submerged in the ocean's power,

Timidly and fearfully 
I wade deeper into the surf.
My fear silenced by determination,
A touch of exhilaration arises.
I swim out past breaking waves.

Looking far out into the ocean,
I see new crests arising.
Like soldiers coming to battle,
Each heading relentlessly onwards
Answering the beach's siren call.

One rising wave catches my eye,
It whispers softly, "I am the one."
My body responds with movement,
Intuitively matching our speeds.
Then the moment arrives.

In sync, we become one,
That emerging wave and I.
It embraces and guides me.
I surrender joyfully to it's power,
Too soon we part ways. 

Life mirrors the ocean.
To find joy you must learn to
Let go of your fears.
Wade out deep in the surf.
And let the waves take you.