Poetry - Ignite a Spark


Ignite a Spark
by Marilyn R. Wilson

I remember..........
It was years ago.
I sat in the small dark theater
Watching an amateur production.
It was a British farce
Meant to bring smiles and laughter.

The actors struggled to
Create an dynamic energy
That would pull us all in.
As the first half closed,
I considered going home not aware
A transformation was coming. 

The second half opened.
The gallery waited without expectation,
Reminding ourselves this was simply
A production of tenderfoots,
Giving all they had to their craft.
Then the mood changed.

A single new thespian entered stage right
Who brought a spark that ignited
The kindling others held in their souls.
He was a pro, solid in his trade.
His mere presence on stage
Raised the cast's craft to heights

I ache to be a catalyst 
Whose presence can ignite 
A spark in those around me.
Fan the flames of their passion.
Create an unstoppable bonfire
That takes them by storm.

Rouse their passion from deep slumber.
Help them soar to new heights.
Reach confidently for their dreams.
Transforming their lives by simply
Offering a spark of encouragement,
That ignites the passion waiting in their souls.