Cell Phone Hide and Seek


We all have
those moments of searching - where are my keys, where are my glasses, where did I put my phone, my purse, my coffee? Whether we arrived home and dropping something in an unexpected place, or setting an item down as we're moving through our day, it's always frustrating.

My cell phone, for the most part, is findable if I have the volume turned on. I just call  it from my landline and follow the ringing sound.  It is definitely more of a challenge if I have the sound turned off.  This happens after I am out at a public event such as a play or concert. I turn it off so as not to disturb the performers and other attendees, then forget to turn it back on. 

Fortunately, I do have it on vibrate as a backup and that does help. One time I called and called my phone listening for the buzz of it vibrating to no avail. Then my husband asked me to come to the garage.  He had me stand next to him and call my phone again. I joyously heard the welcome buzz from - wait for it - the trash can. Somehow my phone had slipped off the counter into the kitchen trash bin without either of us noticing. 

Up until recently, that was my wildest story. That is until yesterday. My husband and I had decided to head out for lunch to use up a gift card we had received last Christmas.  Just before we walked out the door I started to search for my cell phone. No luck. So I snagged the landline and dialed. What followed was initially frustrating and then absolutely hilarious.

I could hear my cell phone ringing in the  living room/kitchen area, but couldn't nail down exactly where it was coming from. I walked back and forth following the sound, but it seemed to keep moving around.  I asked my husband to help me. He has way better hearing and usually nails my phone's location right away, but he was struggling too.

Thinking of that previous episode, I stuck my head in the trash to listen. Then opened the refrigerator and pulled out chairs at the dining room table. We moved pillows and dug through the couch. Where was that bloody phone? The illusive ring that seemed to keep changing locations was driving us crazy.  Then it happened.  

I turned my back to my husband in frustration while I moved to search another area and he started laughing. Why? He saw my cell phone tucked securely in the back pocket of my jeans.  I NEVER put my phone there. I have heard so many horror stories of the phone falling out of a back pocket, even into the toilet, so I have always tried to avoid that temptation. 

Why I chose that morning without thinking to tuck my phone in this unusual place, I have no idea. I also was amused to realized my second response after laughing was to think if I had a few more stories like this, I'd be able to publish my own Erma Bombeck style book. Yes I am a writer to the core. When we finished laughing, Glen and I headed out the door while sharing our memories of previous hide and seek moments such as the time Glen looking for his glasses only to find them on top of his head. 


Life is for joy and laughter is important. Instead of browbeating ourselves for these lapses, embrace them with glee and allow yourself to belly laugh until you cry. It's only going to happen again, so enjoy the ride.