Poetry - The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse
by Marilyn R. Wilson

The lighthouse stands 
Looking out into the darkness,
Across the raging sea
For those lost and struggling.
Aware of the dangers
Facing a ship on its journey.

The rocks and the reefs,
The shoals and great storms.
The tricky shallow channels,
That turn into dead ends.
Places of no return
Where darkness prevails. 

The lighthouse stands tall,
It strong beacon flashing.
Bright piercing the darkness.
Offering hope and safe harbor 
To those who are struggling.
The message is clear.

"This way, this way,
I will lead you to safety.
Have hope in the darkness
Have faith in my light.
You are not lost or alone.
A safe harbors awaits."

The lighthouse stands apart
Always on alert.
Reaching out with hope.
A light shining in the darkness.
Guiding each that are willing
Safely on their journey home.