Poetry - What A Wonderful World


Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

What A Wonderful World
by Marilyn R. Wilson

What a wonderful world
I see in my mind,
I explore in my dreams,
I wish for mankind.

It's world where we all have
A roof over our heads,
Sip clear and cool water,
Snuggle at night in a bed.

A sanctuary where no one
Fears for their life.
There is peace, there is safety,
No one surrounded by strife.

A world of community.
A place without war.
No one left in behind
Everyone cared for. 

Wide doors to walk through,
Dreams the playground for all.
Success a reality,
For those who answer the call.

A unified world where
We all come together
Lifting everyone equally.
May this world last forever.

What a wonderful world,
I see in my mind.
I explore in my dreams.
I wish for mankind.