My Theme for 2023 - Wings

For the last several years I have chosen to start January 1st by focusing on two things. The first is creating a bucket list challenge to push me out of my comfort zone and help me continue to explore all the world has to offer.  I am honestly not sure if I will be doing a challenge this year. It's been a great tool, but it might be time to re-think this direction and see if there is a new way to approach it as in 2022 my interest in following through faded.

The second is one I have been doing for even longer, and that is to pick a word or phrase as a theme for my coming year.  I love this process and am often surprised in the end by what that word or phrase ends up being. It sets the tone and direction for my work and for the dreams I have in my sights.  The word isn’t chosen by carefully thinking it on it. Instead, over the month of December, I let random words bubble up for consideration until one just feels right. 


I honestly had a different word in mind for 2023 that had landed solidly in my lap.  However, as I thought on it, I felt the word was limiting. It only spoke to my writing craft and not to my life on a larger scale. I had to let the pot of soup simmer for awhile longer.  In the end, a new word that arose encompassed my life on a wider basis while still addressing my work. That word was "wings."

I have a great attachment to this word in particular.  Several years ago I was feeling like a failure. I seemed stuck and unable to move forward.  As I spoke with my mentor on this she shared as she thought about me, the image that arose was of wings.  It was time to spread my wings. I was ready and  world was ready for me.  I would love to say that I immediately morphed into this confident person, that all the roadblocks and self-doubt fell away. It didn't.

Time was needed. There were still lessons I needed to learn and new habits I needed to create that would support me as a writer.  2022 was finally the year I could feel it all coming together. While I didn't get a new book officially published, I wrote...and wrote...and wrote. I established a strong work habit. I committed to showing up.

Unless I was on holiday or had company, I sat at my computer every day and practiced my craft.  I explored writing poetry, posted blogs at least three days a week, took writing classes, joined writing groups, wrote a chapter for a collaborative book, and even dipped my toes into writing fiction. The body of work that came out of this effort is impressive. My writing matured and my confidence increased.  In 2022 I laid a strong foundation I can now build on in 2023.

I also worked to build a strong foundation in my personal life by embarking on an intense ten month personal growth course.  My focus on the course work comes as goes with my schedule, but my intentions never waver. I am determined to not become stagnate, to keep moving forward, learning, growing and exploring.  My physical body still needs me to make some serious changes, but overall I am happy with my progress.

Now on January 1st I am ready to move from building a foundation to spreading my wings. It's time to soar.  I have a boat load of possible dreams and desires to chose from, so over the next few days I am going to just let my heart speak. As I choose where to begin, the only question I will ask is does this spread my wings and take me to new heights.

2023 is my year. It is time to soar.