Interview With Sue Dumais - Healer, Author, Spiritual Mentor, Podcaster, Speaker, and Founder of Heart Led Living

Please share a bit of what you do, and the personal journey that led you to become a Healer, Author, Spiritual Mentor.

I was born a healer and I had a strong calling in my heart to “heal the world”. I wanted so badly to help everyone heal their pain and suffering, so I tried to carry it for them. It was a heavy burden to carry, especially for a child.

I have always been extremely highly sensitive. Growing up I could feel everything around me. And it felt like thorns constantly bombarding me from all directions. I could feel everyone’s emotions in my heart as if they were my own. I could feel everyone’s physical pain in my body as if it were my own. I could feel so much all the time, and as a child it was intense, heavy, hard, terrifying and, more often than not, it was extremely overwhelming. It was hard to breathe.

Launching MARCH 10th!

For the longest time I thought I was cursed. After helping a friend heal her chronic pain I realized what I thought was a curse was actually my greatest gift to humanity. I started to embrace and unleash my intuitive gifts as a healer. I started to focus on healing myself and helping others at the same time. Every time I helped someone else heal, I was helping myself heal. Every time I healed myself, I seemed to be able to help others even more.  

My entire life has been about healing. I believe it is why I am here on this planet at this time, to inspire and empower healing in self and others. I have studied, practised, experienced, and witnessed many forms of healing and I have seen more miracles than I can even begin to count. When I made the conscious choice to say YES to leading with my heart, to heal myself and to become the healer, I knew I was meant to be, everything started to fall into place. I felt a deep sense of purpose and my path was illuminated to reveal the next step. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

My personal life and my professional life continuously overlapped and everything fell under an overarching umbrella of healing. I also discovered I had a passion for teaching and empowering others by imparting knowledge to help open and heal their mind. While I am a spiritual teacher, mentor, and coach, I hold the clear intention to always be a student first. That allows me to constantly evolve and fine-tune my intuitive gifts. My senses have become highly acute, laser sharp, accurate, and profoundly transformative.

I am honored to be a beacon of light illuminating the healing path for others. I have spent the last thirty years healing, teaching, training, and empowering thousands of people. I am passionate about providing advanced mentoring to accelerate and unlock the intuitive gifts of healers, empaths, light leaders, holistic practitioners, and conscious souls all around the globe. I am grateful that I can bring all my years of experience, practice, and knowing into the classroom to facilitate a quickening and acceleration to fast-track the process of healing and awakening for others.

We Are All Healers Co-Authors, Launching March 10th

In 2012 you launched Heart Led Living. What is your Heart Led Living community all about, and what is the benefit of leading with our heart?

Heart Led Living is a way of being in life that allows us to shift conscious from head to heart. When we remember how to get out of our heads and back into our hearts, we remember how to hear, trust and follow our intuition again. We are all intuitive beings but our minds get in the way.

Imagine if everyone suddenly woke up unable to use their thinking mind - and instead every decision came through their heart. We would no longer be held back by our mind’s limited potential and fear-based programming. The entire world would change instantly, as we unleashed our unlimited potential. If there were ever a time to let our hearts lead, that time is now. Our minds operate from a limited perspective and everything is filtered through our programming.

Our heart holds a wisdom that goes beyond the limitations of our mind. When we follow our heart YES we stand in love and every inspired action leads to our greatest life.

Heart Led Living is a growing global c-OM-Unity that fosters deep healing and profound awakenings for self and others. We all make a powerful choice to live fully from our intuition and follow our inner guidance. In the process we unwind the mind and re-train it to think with Love and not fear. In following the heart led path, our life becomes aligned with our true purpose as we answer our heart’s deepest calling and fulfil our Soul’s mission.

You are the author of I believe 7 books. The newest, We Are ALL Healers!: Ordinary People with Extraordinary Intention Will Heal the World (due to launch March 10th), features a very original approach to a collaborative book. Can you share a little about your concept and the book's focus?

How to be Light in a Heavy World

There is so much separation, judgment and division in the world today. When I heard the words “we are ALL healers” I felt a strong calling in my heart to create an experience within the book that would feel inclusive. It felt important to share a message with the world that would foster more unity, compassion, and connection.

Most collaborative books, including my previous one Expect Miracles, have an over arching theme for the book. The authors share their stories in chapters related to the theme but the stories are independent of each other. So in a way, they are separate from each other and the only thread stringing them together is the theme and the fact that they are in the same book.

My vision I received for this book was different. I wanted to really demonstrate the message of inclusivity and the true essence of collaboration and community within the pages of the book. I kept seeing my writing and the stories written by the guest authors woven together in a beautiful tapestry.

This book is designed to take the reader on a journey where all the stories become part of the overall experience. So they are all connected and the guest authors represent many different stories allowing the reader to relate to most, if not all of the stories in one way or another. I believe the message that “we are all healers!” is one that everyone can relate to once we expand on the idea that we can all be a healing presence in our life, in our relationships and in the world.

Healing the Gap ~ Brain, Mind, Body & Soul

Not everyone would be comfortable thinking of themselves as a "healer," so I love the idea you talk about of being a "healing presence." What does it mean to be a healing presence?

Whether someone resonates with calling them self a healer or playing a role as a healer or not, every one of us has the potential to be a healing presence in the world. We don’t need to call our self a healer if that doesn’t resonate, but we can all hold the mindset that our presence is healing.

How we show up in life has an impact on others. In every moment of our life, we are sending out a beacon in the form of an energetic wave that goes out into the world as a message. That message may be one of love or one of fear. It is a silent, invisible transmission sent and received by the world, whether we want it to be so or not. Most people are unaware of how much of an impact their inner world has on the outer world.

Ghandi captured it so clearly and beautifully when he encouraged us to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” When all hope feels lost, we can BE a beacon of hope. When others are stuck in fear, we can BE a beacon of Love. We don’t even need to speak or do anything; our state of BE-ing on the inside will be felt by others who are outside. 

 How we are BE-ing impacts everything, everywhere, in every moment, without exception. So let’s all pause and ask ourselves the question: “How am I BE-ing?” How are you BE-ing when you go to the grocery store, when you show up for work, when you are with your family, at social events, in situations of conflict, as you are walking down the street, and in your everyday moments?

How are you BE-ing and how is that impacting the whole of humanity? How can you be more a healing presence for others? We need to focus more on BE-ing rather than on doing. We need to practise being in the doing. After all, we are human beings not human doings.

BE-ing is impenetrable. BE-ing is a force that is powerful beyond measure. BE-ing is the key to shifting everything. BE-ing allows you to rise above the battlefield and witness through the lens of compassion mixed with potential and possibility for a new way of BE-ing in relationship to each other. 

Making a conscious choice to BE allows us to be fully present to live from our hearts and be full expressions of our true essence, which is Divine love. Who you “BE” in every moment has profound impact.  Who will you BE today? BE love. BE light. BE Divinity Embodied. BE compassion. BE empathy. BE peace. BE witness. BE a healing presence for all.

Imagine a world where everyone woke up every morning and set an intention to BE a healing presence. The world would change in an instant.

What do you most hope readers will take away reading from We Are ALL Healers!?

My intention for this book is to empower and inspire all of us to heal. To heal self, to support others to heal, and to each be a healing presence in this world. Together, we can heal all our blocks to love, and own the unique gifts that are seeded in our heart.

After reading this book I believe they will see the Truth that they are a healer! And the world needs every one of us to be a healing presence. Humanity needs all of us to say YES to embody the healer within, so we can all be beacons of light and messengers of love.

How can readers purchase a copy of We Are ALL Healers! at a special launch day discounted price?

They can visit this webpage to RSVP for the Virtual Book Launch and Author Round Table Healing Experience and the links will be emailed to them

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I would love to close with a personal quote that you hold dear.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” - Rumi

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