Vancouver Fashion Week FW23 - Vancouver Community College Grad Fashion Show 2023


Vancouver Community College (VCC) Fashion Grads will be on the runway at VFW FW23 on Friday, April 14th at 5 p.m. Tix HERE!

After two years of hard work in VCC’s Fashion Design & Production Diploma, the graduates are excited to showcase their final garment collections at Vancouver Fashion Week!

Showcasing a collection on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week is the culmination of the two year Fashion Design & Production diploma at VCC. This isn’t the first time the students are showcasing their talent to the world though. Throughout the first year of the program, they are creating products under the label Colure that get sold at boutiques around the city. After only six weeks in school, their first item, usually a tote bag, shows up for sale in boutiques like Giving Gifts. They also create t-shirts and tops that get sold at Dream on Granville Island, and Branches and Knots. The money raised from sales goes into scholarships for the students. 

Being on the runway though is different. They have spent over 135 hours designing, drafting and constructing their final collection. The clothes they create are an expression of their own sartorial interests and personal experiences that they hope will catch the eye of the industry, media and possible employers. It’s their moment to shine and to showcase all they have learned at VCC.

Designers - 


Joy Onome Owai

Afrocentrism - Joie de vivre

‍Inspiration, the sheer tenacity of the African woman against of all odds. She is full of life and turns up at the 'owambe" as our parties are called.

I see fashion in the same way I see poetry, music, history and culture; It is a medium of art and of self expression. I have always been interested in all things fashion. I articulate a juvenile and fun approach to design that is reflected in trendy styles, statement sleeves and shapes. I enjoy fabric manipulation so my designs tend to make some explorations in that direction. Like Pablo Picasso said ‘learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist”. I certainly did not learn all the fashion rules, but I did enjoy breaking a couple of rules in this project as most of my pattern drafting were very unconventional.

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Aaron Frankie

Synesthesia: the memories of the past and current life.

Creativity is a means to no end of the imagination. Pulling from the most mundane of ideas, Aaron has spent their life letting this whisk them away through manymediums and styles. They share this through their collection: exploring theirinterpretations of “Synesthesia” (relation of one’s sense, through theinterrogation of another, ie. feelings though visual (colour)). Delving Into thedepths of each colour and motif; connecting them to feelings and memories,Aaron has created looks based on her life journey to the present day. The good,the bad and how holding on to both of those might not be a terrible thing.

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Mylene Dayrit-Kubicek

Comfortable Elegance

‍Mylene is an emerging designer from Vancouver Community College and will be completing her program this Summer 2023 in Fashion Design and Production. She’s worked part-time at an alteration store, handling customer service and fittings. She is a recipient of the Susan Perkuhn Textile and Design Award.

She is greatly inspired by the beautiful vistas, nature and charming locals of Hawaii. Tropical flora is present in her collection. Her Tropical S/S 23 Destination collection exudes elegance, grace, and the excitement of celebration. It is destination wedding wear for guests and party wear. Silk fabrics in charmeuse, crepe de chine and organza give a very weightless and ethereal aesthetic and at the same time provide cool and comfortable wear. Other fabrics include soft tulle and decorative lace. Her clothes are carefully made, some of which include French seams, details of embroidery such as silk embroidery, and silk and cotton blend lining. Her collection combines both structured and loose fitting silhouettes.

Mylene wishes wearers of her garments feel special in them. As well, she wishes them joy and adventure as they celebrate important memories in her special occasion destination wear.

Email - ~ Instagram - @mylene_daykub


Allison Dunne

On Icarus And AI

Allison is an apparel designer who specializes in knitwear. Her collection critically examines the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) software in the production of art, and mourns the loss of humanity’s imaginative role. Allison’s collection remembers the moral of the myth of Icarus, and considers whether, in our hubristic desire to produce art instantaneously, we now fly too close to the sun. She specializes in intricate colourwork knitting. For this collection, her knitwear pieces feature strings of computer code (used in AI art software), and references to seminal works of art. Her visions are set against a backdrop of reimagined traditional Fair Isle motifs, drawing on her family heritage from Shetland, Scotland. These vibrant knit pieces are framed by flowing black reinterpretations of funerary wear.

Email - ~ Instagram - @dunne.cliff


Shanella Allison Emboltura

Survival Guide
Somewhere along the sartorial spectrum between practical and playful exists fashion designer, Shanella Allison Emboltura. Her work as an artist and a fashion designer works to redefine function.

Her graduate collection is motivated by an exploratory hybrid approach to modular fashion with an Artisinal approach. Filipinos are known for their optimism and their ability to see things from many different perspectives. She believes to maneuver through the complexity of problem solving, you need to experience adversity. As a Filipina, who’s family struggled and built a foundation from scratch, she found creativity and innovation through survival.

She improvises and cobbles techniques that allows her to push boundaries and make new discoveries in methods of construction, silhouettes and styles. Where the most eccentric forms of creativity make their way through functionality.

Email - ~ Instagram - @allieturaa


Rajvinder Kaur - 

‍I come from a long line of family seamstresses. My brand aesthetic draws inspiration from dream-like characters and the fusion of Indian and Western designs. Traditional handwork techniques are used to create garments that are chic and overall stylish.My collection is inspired by my Indian heritage, I wanted to show the dynamism of our dhoti’s, kurtas, which can be styled with jeans or skirt for parties or casual wear. It is a bridge between ethnic and everyday wear. Comfort is the design principle for my looks. Fabrics explored were silk blends, organza. Embroidery is a favorite past time of mine thus it was fun to make that infusion.

Email - ~ Instagram - @rajvinder.kaur.39501


Tia Rose

‍Tia Rose is a Fashion Designer local to Vancouver, Canada exploring a genre of professional streetwear made for the confident woman. Using unexpected fabrics she constructs everyday, luxury clothing with youthful and contemporary designs and quality craftsmanship. Tia also employs her attention to detail and artistic eye to custom prints and surface design. After completing her Fashion Design and Production Diploma, Tia aspires to have her own line and work in costumes in the film industry.

Email - ~ Instagram - @tiaroseapparel


Maneli Tavakoli -

MANELLI is a contemporary brand that represents modernity, independence, confidence & the unity of women through crafted pieces at an accessible price point. Her passion is to beautify her audience by offeringcomfort & chicness at the same time so that can be worn in everyday lifebut still very chic. Her inspiration is based on her ancestorial history of the Qajar Dynasty including their palace, tiling and their architectural artwork glamour.

Email - ~ Instagram - @manelli_officiall


Angela B Tessier

My final collection is inspired by the events of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent sociopolitical pandemonium.

I aim to draw attention to the chaos the pandemic caused, including societal turmoil, ideological conflict, and spiritual schism in the global collective consciousness.

l configure the post-pandemic individual scrounging for survival, in a dystopian world, devoid of order and civility. This individual is masked and hooded to hide from a lethal, noxious, contaminated environment. Accordingly, my collection features futuristic, deconstructed streetwear in muted tones to match a world pared back to the juxtaposed elements of nature and industry.

The minimalistic, deconstructed design is representative of the dissection of society, stripped down to its component parts, and haphazardly pieced together into organized chaos. My desire to deconstruct through artistic expression reflects my impulse to dissect hegemonic structures. In doing so, I call upon the need to re-evaluate our methods, protest regressive ideologies, and dismantle oppressive systems of power in order to rethink, reveal, and rebuild.

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VCC’s Fashion Design & Production Diploma mimics the real-world fashion industry. Students experience a fast-paced production process while learning fundamental skills and the use of industry standard software such as Illustrator and Gerber CAD. The self-directed final garment project is a student’s opportunity to hone in on their craft and personal sartorial interests. For more information, please visit

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