Vancouver Fashion Week FW24 Interview with Unserten (Tokyo, Japan)


Unserten will be showing their new collection on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week FW 24 on Saturday, April 27th at 7:00 P.M. Purchase tickets HERE!

FW 2024 Update -

Inspiration/ Cultural Significance behind this collection.

This season, our fashion brand unveils a collection deeply inspired by the desolate beauty of deserts and wastelands, casting a vision of humanity in the aftermath of apocalypse. We've ventured into the aesthetic realm of abandonment and memory, weaving a narrative where survival and hope intertwine through meticulously chosen elements and details. Our design ethos is rooted in highlighting the adaptability and inventiveness of humanity when faced with extreme adversity, alongside the capacity to unearth beauty and hope in the bleakest of circumstances. Through this season's collection, we seek to send a message: even in the harshest terrains, human tenacity and creativity can blossom, ushering in new beginnings and opportunities. This series represents a profound exploration of wasteland aesthetics and a reflection on the intricate emotions of societies reborn from apocalypse. We invite you to join us on this journey of visual and emotional discovery, uncovering the hidden splendors and optimism in scenes of desolation.

Future Goals:

Our brand has now been established for two years and has consistently made its presence felt at major fashion weeks. We're committed to maintaining this momentum and striving to bring fashion that aligns with our vision to everyone. In terms of business, our goal for this year is to expand our sales channels. We're looking to collaborate with more showrooms and buyers, starting in Paris and gradually promoting our brand across Europe. This will give more fashion enthusiasts the opportunity to discover this emerging avant-garde designer brand from Japan.

From the VFW Website -

UNSERTEN is a Tokyo-based, avant-garde elegant menswear fashion brand founded in 2020.

UNSERTEN is inspired by the feeling of uncertainty. People desire certainty through their lives but it is, now more than ever, a fact that we live in a rapidly changing world full of uncertainties. Yet it is often those uncertainties that are key to opening new possibilities and making the world a more diverse place.


UNSERTEN consists of an international team of designers from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities, each having their distinct impact on our designs and philosophy. Is through this collaboration that we hope to convey our vision of an inclusive, international and bright future, no matter what uncertainties we might face.

Inspired by the feeling of uncertainty, Tokyo-based unsersten, presents an elegant avant-garde menswear collection!
Interview FW23 - 

What was the inspiration that led creating the UNSERTEN brand, and when did the business launch?

Actually, it’s the COVID-19 that made us start this Brand. Before the Brand started, our team was more like an artist group. Most of our members are good friends, each of us were working our own field and we always trying to make something creative together. After the the beginning of the pandemic our lifestyle has been changed a lot. That's why we start to rethink this fast-changing world and made this brand to express our attitude.

The garments are designed by an international team. How do you select the designer for this team? Do they each design individual garments or do they all work together to create the pieces for the new collection?

Although we work together on each field, we have an art salon in Tokyo to talk about everything we need for each season, like art, history, music, and accessories, etc. Our team is diverse and international, and this what UNSERTEN is about: we wanted to express this sense of East meets West and old meets new in our design and patterns. About the process, usually after we get a concept, we will start to find inspiration and do some brainstorm to add the element that we want to express, then our lead designer will visualize these ideas and make them into samples.


How would you describe the UNSERTEN brand and it's unique style. Who is your customer?

Avant-garde, Elegant, Unisex, Monochrome, and Mystery. We always wants to combine our fashion with all kinds of arts in the world and through this we want to find more ways to express what truly beauty is, that’s why we won’t limit ourselves to a single style. For each season we always want to make something new, and it’s not just experimental, but also a challenge to ourselves. Our pieces are always ready for who loves to try something new, or for the people who wants to express their feeling by their style.

What benefits are there having a team of designers? What are the challenges that arise from having a team?

The biggest benefit is we have almost endless idea for each season when we are doing brainstorm together. But that’s also the hardest part because eventually we need to put them together and that’s also takes a lot of time and energy. For us this process is a must-have, because that’s the main reason why we are a brand tells diversity.


Where does the inspiration for new collections come from? Is color important to your brand?

For this season we use "dreamcore art" as our inspiration. It is about the borderline between the dream world and the real world. "Normcore" is our base tone . Since the first season we have used colorful, unique prints that that UNSERTEN creates and owns.

Readers would love to know more about the current collection you showed at Vancouver Fashion Week.

The theme is called ARE BURE BOKE, its three Japanese words means rough, shaky and blurred. These three words are used to describe a famous Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama’s style.

For this collection we have used the work of the artist KUROSUZUME as one of our sources of inspiration. KUROSUZUME is a Japanese based artist who uses photography and performance art as his main medium of work.


Where can readers purchase your designs?

We have our online shop at Basically you can get every piece you want from this official store. And we have a physical official store in China, at Shanghai's K11 mall which is a well-dressed shop to show the feeling that UNSERTEN wants to express. In north America we have two Selected shops: the 1common shop( in NYC, and doseclothing ( in Vancouver. There will be more stock list in the near future of course.

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