Two Futures Poetry Challenge day 2 - Inspired by Your Job, Career or Business


Day 2 asked me to create 2 poems inspired by my Job, Career or Business. One where things went well. One where they didn't. HMMMM. Another day of stretching my imagination to explore what if's!

= = = =

The Abandoned Library

Strolling down the rows of titles,
Dusty spines and frayed jacket covers 
Standing at military attention
In a row that faded off into the distance

My fingers caressed the covers
Both hard and soft.
Stirring a cloud of motes that
Tickled my sensitive nose. Achoo!

The shift happened slowly.
One book after another, 
One author after another.
One library after another.

Climate change created a
A world altering tsunami.
Trees were longer hacked down
To create luxuries like paper.

Words first recorded in illuminated manuscripts
And carved into stone tablets, then
Scrawled across paper journals
Had to seek a new expression.

Bytes and electronics now held
The world of words in their firm grip.
A change at first rejected and despised
Then inevitably accepted and embraced.

Book after book, poem after poem
Article after article were migrated.
New work was grown in this digital womb
The next generation unaware of what was lost.

Until one day, other than a collector,
A printed volume was never seen.
Unless you found an old abandoned library
And strolled along its dusty rows.

I Began

A spark, an ad, changed everything
It ignited a passion that grew
A passion that consumed.
A need only met by putting pen to paper.

Day after day a new habit formed.
Awaken, indulge in a foamy double latte
Turn on the old desktop computer
And rest my fingers on the keys. I began.

Articles on fashion, thoughts on life,
Recipes, interviews, bios, reviews.
The words took their own path each day
Driven by random thoughts and experiences.

Around me the world shifted and changed.
Trends in writing came and went.
And still I showed up each day.
One book, then two, then a flood of poems emerged.

A decade passed and then another.
Still the world shifted. Still I showed up.
Readers and writer on two parallel journeys
Only pausing to touch here and there.

Then these two separate journeys merged
At single point and time.
Hearts began to beat in harmony
A chord was struck, which grew in strength.

The word best seller was thrown around.
Media called for interviews.
Opportunities to speak and be seen arose.
The world heralded my success.

And still the next day I arose.
Made my foamy double latte
Turned on the old desktop computer
Lay my fingers on the keys…and I began.