Blender Mode

Monday in my Author Nation writing zoom group, I was asked what I was working on. The truth was I didn't exactly know. I always keep tons of ideas in my draft file, but my mind felt utterly unfocused. This year has been full of wonderful experiences and opportunities - an amazing vacation, two trips to see the grandkids, two fashion weeks (one spring - one fall), and renovating our entire first floor including a total gut of our tiny kitchen.

What I have found as the renovations dragged on is I increasingly feel very scattered and unfocused. When Melody who runs Author Nation asked me what I would be working on this morning, I answered honestly. "I have no idea. I feel like my brain is in blender mode." The phrase blender mode drew a reaction from everyone present, and it was suggested I turn my writing to this topic today.  Great idea!

I had never used the term before, nor have any idea why I blurted it out so emphatically. Perhaps it was because I just finished an article on Vegan cheese sauce recipes that were created in the blender. But as soon as I said it, it just felt right. It was exactly what my brain felt like today - like it was being pureed on the highest speed possible. I suspect this will not change until the clutter of our home renovations is over, and we again have a kitchen and living room. 


There is something about the environment we create that affects not only our thoughts, but our moods. Living in disarray with a small bedroom set up as a sitting area, and a loft replete with microwave and toaster to function as a kitchen, may have started out as an adventure, but that changed. Mid-way through the process we were tired of it. Eight weeks in and we are so done with the chaos. Recently I had to climb over boxes packed into a small room to find something I needed unexpectedly. I can say with full conviction, we are ready to get back to normal

Today is probably the most scattered and unfocused I have felt during this process - blender mode on steroids.  It's time to take action. My ADD means calming my racing mind can be a challenge, but it isn't the racing that is the main problem in this moment. Today it is the feeling my thoughts are being scattered to the winds.  How do I pull in all those loose threads and weave my thoughts back into something coherent.

As an author, the act of writing helps. The fact I am working on this article right now is my first step in the right direction.  After I finish here, there are several choices that have worked for me in the past. Exercise helps bring a sense of calm. Yoga, dance, walking along the river, or riding my bike are easy for activities for me to dive into. A long, super hot bath combined with a great book to enjoy while soaking is a guilty pleasure I indulge in often. It takes both bath and reading together for me to gain the most benefit. Got a little extra cash? Then I splurge and book an Aromatherapy Relaxation  Massage at the spa just two blocks away.  Aaaahhh!

Another option not available during renovations, but great to embrace when the house is back to normal, is taking time to enjoy a hobby. Activities like painting, sewing, calligraphy, playing piano, cooking, knitting, crocheting, or baking can do the trick. Whatever I choose, it has to come from my heart in that moment and be something I love doing. If it frustrates me, then I need to head another direction


Last but not least is enjoying time with my husband, family, and friends. Sunday I enjoyed hanging out with a longtime friend visiting from London. We met at Granville Island Market - first sharing food and conversation, then exploring the inspiring artisan shops there and talking with the owners.  I came home feeling relaxed, happy, and smiling contentedly. 

I am hoping it will only be another couple weeks until my house is back to normal. That will be the biggest help of all in turning off my current Blender Mode.  Until then, I need to be purposeful each morning in how I approach my day, taking time to employ whatever tools are necessary to help me center and stay focused as I work, while remembering to take regular breaks to refresh my mind and body.  

Here's to turning off Blender Mode. Heck, here's to throwing out the blender completely.  I am not sure if that's possible, but I am sure going to give it a try.