Two Futures Poetry Challenge Day 7 - Inspired by Looking Back and Legacy

Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash

The final day of the Two Futures Poetry Challenge required I write three poems.  Two are to be inspired by looking back from your last days. One you are looking back at a successful life you are happy with. The ptjer you are looking back with regret. The final poem is to be on your legacy - not a list of accomplishments, something deeper and more obscure. Enjoy!

= = = =

I decided to share my legacy poem first and focused in tight on a small one. It is sometimes the very small things we do each day that have big impact over time. 

My Friend

It started one day without thought.
I was commenting on Facebook
And ended with the words my friend!
I paused to consider if this was good.
My heart opened cautiously
A warm feeling grew to a fire
The universe spoke clearly.
Give these words their wings.

From that day forward
On posts here and there
When simply nudged by my heart
I signed off with my friend.
Six month later a surprise,
An echo of my words appeared.
A comment here, a comment there,
All ending with the words my friend.

First it was simply returned to me,
But soon it began spinning outward.
My friend grew strong wings
Travelling from one soul to the next
How simple it was to 
Start a positive ripple by adding
A few words of connection
To draw another in close.

As I look back at my journey
So many high moments can be found.
Treasured family, wonderful friends,
Work I love, roots that go deep.
These expansive joys stand out,
But when looking closer I find
Small legacies that fill me
With contentment and pride.

Such is the case with
With the sharing of these words.
May they resonate for others
Echo ever stronger each day
Travel further and soar higher
Having impact ever place they land.
May they unite us and bind us
And draw us ever closer, my friend. 

What Comes Next

As I sat on my porch
Steaming cuppa in hand,
Breathing in the aroma
Of brewed coffee beans
And steamed milk,
Fond memories arose.

Love that came when I despaired.
Three tiny souls bursting forth.
Family times, happy holidays.
Sharing food and laughter,
And yes, sharing tears at low times.
Playing games around the dining table
Piled on the sofa watching movies.

Strong images of vacations
Soaring flights, Walking for miles, 
Long drives. Camping in a tent.
Sharing photos ops with strangers.
Alien menus to translate.
Ordering food by simply pointing
At unique dishes on the next table. 

Finding a passion at age 50
Hearing others share their journey.
Putting words to paper, well not really.
Typing those frantically at top speed.
Wearing the letters off my keyboard
As the words poured out from the depths.
Sending their stories out into the world.

Inhale, exhale, sip, repeat.
In this moment, on this porch
Cuppa java warming my hands
I find I am content. Life is good.
Hardships and sorrow have faded.
Good memories fill my heart.
Time to ponder what comes next. 


Regret creeps in through cracks
It oozes through walls and
Springs out of hidden spaces 
Devastating and overwhelming.

Year after year regret dogs me
Distracts me and holds me back.
A mistake here, a missed opportunity there
There are no do-overs, you can't make it right.

In the wee hours, unable to sleep,
Regret loves to lean in close
And whisper words of dark memories
That bring self-loathing and tears.

In these times I remember my failures
As a mother, a wife, a friend, a human being.
It matters not all the successes,
All the times I was at my best.

Trapped in those moments of woe
Are added what has been lost.
A life extinguished, a missed opportunity,
A dream delayed and then never realized.

When we have miles behind us
And just days before us, we choose.
To look back with joy on the bright times,
Or live hand in hand with our regrets.