Poetry - The Magic Cannot Leave You

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

The Magic Cannot Leave You
by Marilyn R Wilson

You were created from ether,
Fashioned amongst the stars,
Sprinkled with cosmic dust,
Filled with magic light.
Your soul came into existence
In the blink of an eye.

Descending from the cosmos
Into the realm of terra firma
Where human life resides,
Your magic was condensed tight,
Tucked into a vessel of skin and bone,
Shaped in welcoming fertile womb.

The day you burst forth into welcoming arms
The cosmos, the dust, the stars, the magic,
Were all forgotten. Washed from your memory.
You began to learn and grow and become,
But silently still felt a deep yearning
For something lost long ago.

The years march relentlessly  by.  
That yearning growing ever stronger.
Calling your heart to remember.
Leading you to spiritual gurus
Who guide you gently to the truth.
Your magic begins to stir.

While your skin and bone vessel 
Stays limited and ever aging,
You discover your spiritual one is
Caged in only by imposed beliefs.
Slowly your mind expands,
Confining falsehoods are released.

And there, waiting for your embrace
Is the cosmic magic tucked within.
Diving into its welcoming pool
The world shifts in an instant.
Your soul bursts forth joyfully,
And is immerse in warm love and lofty dreams.

This earthly world did it's best
To distract and confuse you.
Relentlessly hid the truth from you
Of cosmic ether buried deep within.
But in the end it failed utterly as
The magic cannot leave you.