Phoenix Poetry Challenge Day 6 - Finding Light

Day 6 of the Phoenix Poetry Challenge is a two poem day - a double challenge. The theme today is finding/bringing your own light or things that bring you happiness and light during dark times. I added an extra challenge by doing one poem with 3 lines a verse and rhyming.

Photo by Rohan Makhecha on Unsplash

Inner Flame
by Marilyn R Wilson

Flickering sadly and weakly,
Fragile and in peril,
My soul's pilot light wanes.

Surrounded by darkness
Lacking the basics of fuel and air.
It fights desperately to survive.

Surrounded by the darkness
I sink deep into meditation
Embracing the silence and void,

A tiny flicker deep within
Catches my attention.
My curious nature stirs.

Survival instincts are aroused,
Emotions urge me forward.
My heart whispers - ACT!

This tiny flame hold the key
To rebuild the fire in my soul.
A fire lost during life's struggles.

Fuel must come first.
I dig deep and reach wide,
Offering up all that I am.

The second need is air.
I fill my lungs deeply,
Breath out slowly and gently.

The tiny flicker strengthens.
Fanning the flames rhythmically.
The fire grows ever stronger.

From this eternal blaze
I shine light into my darkness,
Every corner illuminated.

Spirits lifted, strength returned.
I rise confident and uplifted.
The light I sought was within.

Enchanted by Music
by Marilyn R. Wilson

The day was dull and gray.
My heart was on hold.
Energy playing hooky.
Mind determined to scold

Blah, blah, worry, worry,
Lower and lower I sank,
Sprawled on the couch.
I withered and shrank.

In the midst of deep apathy
A small idea took shape.
In the form of a bright song.
An ear worm dreamscape.

Inner notes playfully called
Pulled me onto my feet.
As I moved to the rhythm.
My lips sang with the beat.

Phone leapt from the table
Landed plop in my hands.
Open up, then hit play list,
Hey, one of my fav bands.

For the next thirty minutes
Immersed in a musical retreat.
My spirits were lifted,
Enchanted by music so sweet.

Then the skies finally parted
Sun lathered me in bright light
But music had already lifted me
Wings spread, soul in flight.