Phoenix Poetry Challenge Day 5 - Dark Cave

Day 5 of the Phoenix Poetry Challenge offers the prompt of a dark cave or pathway where you can't see ahead. They put forward the question, what would help you navigate if you couldn't see?  The quote was from Helen Keller, very apt for this challenge.  Enjoy!

universe photo
Photo by Arnaud Mariat on Unsplash

Guiding Me Home
by Marilyn R. Wilson

Adrift in a sea of nothing.
The sense of disconnect complete.
I reach for walls that are not there.
Eyes seek a speck of light in vain.
Ears reach out into the void - nothing.

The space around is muted and vast, 
Empty of hand or footholds.
Within this abyss of darkness,
Lost without an anchor,
I sink slowly, deeply inward.
Landing softy in my heart's core.

Embraced lovingly, my soul offers
Both solid surface and needed solace.
I bath in its deep, pulsing beat.
Hands are warmed in its fire.
I find the a universe resides here.
My eyes take in the wonder.

While the void exists outwardly,
Inwardly my world is overflowing.
This is where my dreams spring free
Where I can see, and feel, and touch the sky.
I only need to follow my heart's beat.
A siren call guiding me home.