Vancouver Fashion Week FW 24 Vancouver Community College (VCC) Fashion Design Student Grad Showcase


VCC Fashion Design Grad Show will be presented on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week FW 24 on Thursday April 25th at 5:00 P.M. Purchase tickets HERE!

About VCC -

Showcasing a collection on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week is the culmination of the two year Fashion Design & Production diploma at VCC. This isn’t the first time the students are showcasing their talent to the world though. Throughout the first year of the program, they are creating products under the label Colure that get sold at boutiques around the city. After only six weeks in school, their first item, usually a tote bag, shows up for sale in boutiques like Giving Gifts. They also create t-shirts and tops that get sold at Dream on Granville Island, and Branches and Knots. The money raised from sales goes into scholarships for the students. 

Being on the runway though is different. They have spent over 135 hours designing, drafting and constructing their final collection. The clothes they create are an expression of their own sartorial interests and personal experiences that they hope will catch the eye of the industry, media and possible employers. It’s their moment to shine and to showcase all they have learned at VCC.

Jul Olivia -

Jul Oliva was born and raised in Cebu, Philippines. For this series she takes inspiration from the rich colours and texture of the corals in the marine sanctuaries near her home. She is in awe of how the creatures of the ocean can inform fashion.

Ari Calvez

Dear DiAri, a collection by Ari, is an intimate journey through the seasons of her life. From vibrant colors to whimsical patterns, her creations exude a youthful exuberance, inviting the viewer to embrace their inner child. 


Oyamada is a Vancouver-based Japanese fashion creator and embroidery artist. Inspired by Zen culture and meditation, Oyamada used the Japanese dried garden called Karesansui as a motif for this collection. 

Mian Lam

Inspired by Albert Einstein's quote, "Creativity is contagious," Mian Lam brings elusive fantasy ideas to life as wearable garments. 

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VCC’s Fashion Design & Production Diploma mimics the real-world fashion industry. Students experience a fast-paced production process while learning fundamental skills and the use of industry standard software such as Illustrator and Gerber CAD. The self-directed final garment project is a student’s opportunity to hone in on their craft and personal sartorial interests. For more information, please visit

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