Vancouver Fashion Week FW 24 Interview with Yuko Nakamura of le graine (Japan)

le graine will be showing their new collection on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week FW 24 on Thursday, April 25th at 7:10 P.M. Purchase tickets HERE!

From the VFW Website - 

"le graine" was launched in 2017 with a passion to create a new phase of timeless wardrobe.

Through the designer Yuko Nakamura's various careers in two high-end boutiques “ADDITION ADELAIDE” and “The SECRETCLOSET” such as planning and design, domestic and overseas buying, VMD, website management and sales, she consistently touched high-quality products from high-end brands and cultivated the sensibility in the contrary worldviews of “cutting edge & unisex”, “classic & feminine”. With the belief of “Weaving a comfortable atmosphere”, carefully tailored by craftsmen and made with particular attention to beautiful fabrics. Regardless of generation, it is sent out to people who share this sensibility.

With a playful mind, the brand name was added the definite article "le" instead of "la" wishing to add a slightly masculine mood.

Interview - 

Please share a bit about your journey to embrace fashion design as a career.

I worked for two high-end boutiques in Jingumae area, Tokyo, and had various careers such as planning and design, domestic and overseas buying,VMD, website management and sales. While in the career, I was always imagining the things that really I want to suggest, and also I wanted to wear. I was always looking for the things I imagined, but I couldn't find those ideal garments. One day, I got urge suddenly and decided to create by myself and launch my own brand "le graine".

How did you learn your skills? 

The creation of my brand is done by myself and I am basically self-taught, but for the technical things for creation of garment, I ask a question to a pattern maker who is really reliable when I needed to know about technical things.


Who are you as a designer? Aesthetic? Customer? Brand?

I think I am a designer who is really into about creating aesthetic pieces which bring a beautiful mood and air, but also creating ones that are utilitarian and functional for the customers' real life satisfaction.
I am able to create it because of the people who choose my brand's garments from the whole world. My desire is that the customers are feeling little bit happier in their daily life when wearing one of my garments in their real life.

What comes easiest for you as a designer? What is hardest?

Everything is not so easy, because I want to create only things that I clearly imagine that is compatible aesthetically and practically. The hardest part is my limitations when I try new things, but I feel happy every time I realize when I expanded beyond my limitations.

Where do you find inspiration for new collections? How important is colour to your design process?

My inspiration is always starts with asking myself, then imagining a garment's design which is nice and beautiful on my customers. Colour is not so important for me usually, but sometimes I get urges to add some accent colours.

Readers would love to know more about the new collection you will be showing at VFW FW 24.

Nice to see you the dear readers of Marilyn's blog. This is going to be my brand's "le graine" first show named "Chapter1". I've been trying to expand beyond my limitations and have been focusing on the creation for this exciting opportunity. It would be great if you could feel the mood of the show - the music, the video intro in the real venue!

Do you have a favorite look in this collection?

All looks are my favorite. I create only my favorite garments. And the most important thing for me is I can clearly imagine my customers wearing them beautifully in their real life and giving them confidence.

Where can readers purchase your designs?

I don't have a e-commerce website yet, so please contact me via my email address or DM on my Instagram account.


What's next for you as a designer and your brand?

I am going to create a new collection "Chapter 2" and am hoping to reach people all over the world!

In closing is there anything else you'd like to share with readers?

I would be very happy if I could share this exciting opportunity VFW all of you!

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