Marilyn's 2021 Bucket List Challenge

When I created my
2020 Year of Marilyn Bucket List Challenge in honor of a significant birthday  (click link to view), I had no idea how much I would enjoy it.  This wasn't meant to create pressure or impossible goals, it was meant simply to inspire me to try new things, to revisit things I hadn't done in a awhile, to push me outside my daily routine, to stop saying some day I'll.... and make it today. 

My list was LONG!
  If I had been determined and focused I would have gotten through most things on my list, but that's not what it was about for me. It was meant  as a vehicle to inspire dreams and hopefully offer some motivation, and it worked. Time and time again, it spurred to me action.  I celebrated every new experience, every achievement, and let go of those that in the end didn't come together. I finished the year with a long list of items crossed off, and an equally long list of things to reconsider.  

The questions I asked myself today were - do I want to continue challenge this in 2021; do I want to still hold onto all the incomplete 2020 challenges; do I want to let anything go; do I want to add any anything new challenges?  The answer to the first question was yes, I wanted to create a new 2021 Bucket List Challenge.  Who knows if I will feel the same next year, but for this year I am motivated to do try it again. As to the other questions, I used them to guide to create my new list. 

= = = 

Here We Go!! - 

Note - I'll be adding to this as new ideas arise!

Try something new -This was one of my fav's last year and I ended up trying several new things - cooking class, axe throwing, zip lining and more. With COVID restrictions still in place it may take a month or so to figure out what new I want to try - maybe kick boxing, a water colour painting class or something else I've never tried before. I'm open to suggestions!

Play piano at least once a week - I took lessons as a child and took a year of piano in university. I never learned to play by ear, so my playing for enjoyment really came and went over the years. When I moved to Canada I bought a 100 year old upright grand and did my best to sit down occasionally and play. However, when we moved 4-1/2 years ago to a new house, I packed my sheet music away and haven't found it yet. For this challenge I will first have to find my sheet music or buy more. This is all about returning to a past love. No pressure.

Get my body back to a healthier place - I had trouble defining what I wanted that to mean last year, but in the end the most important goal is probably to get that extra 20 pounds I've been carrying around my middle off. That's the goal my doctor said is a priority many times, so I need to follow through. This will be HARD. But these goals are more about focus and trying.  Whether successful or not I will celebrate each small progress as it comes. 

Create a travel bucket list - I didn't get to this one last year as I had trouble even thinking about travel with everything shut down.  Now is the time to begin looking to future travel. London, Iceland, Machu Picchu, southern France and Italy all come to mind. I haven't seen any of these. 

No TV for a week - I do this all the time when I travel - the longest was 3 weeks - but when at home I love to unwind before bedtime in front of the TV. This could be a real challenge.

Sew Something, Anything!  - I sewed all my life, including dance costumes professionally for 5 years. Unfortunately the last left me burnt out. It's been over 6 year now since I touched my sewing machine. Whatever I sew doesn't have to be anything big or complicated. I just have to finish something. I have a folder of daily covets as well as some project for my grand daughter to inspire me.

Skydive using the buddy system - I had to hold off on this one because of COVID. I'll be looking at it again in the warm summer months. This qualifies under try something new, but I love having it separate as it really is a long held dream and very spectacular.

Train to run a 5K - My body literally did not respond to regular slow training last year. And when the weather started to change in the fall, I decided to let this go until Spring 2021. Hoping this year the training will go better. In the end, I am not concerned about my time, or being in an official race. I just want to accomplish running along the river for 5K at whatever pace works. 

PUBLISH! - I am the queen of procrastination when it comes to starting new books. I have 5-6 book ideas in my file. It's time to take one of them and make it happen. 

Olio by Marilyn ePubs -
I've had the idea for quite a while to take the best content from my blog Olio by Marilyn and create a series of inexpensive ePubs featuring this content. I started the process a few years ago and then didn't follow through. This is the year. 

Be an Extra in a Movie - I have no idea if this is even a possibility. I am not looking for a career in film, just the experience of what being an extra is like. Then I'd like to write about what it was like - to share the experience with others who are curious. 

Write a letter and mail it - This was a great one last year. I did a typed family letter and mailed off 25 copies. Every single one had a hand written personal notes added. 

An Act of Charity - I loved this one last year as well. I knitted 50 hats. 25 were sold with the money donated to support 3 families in need over the holidays. The other 25 were donated to an organization who provides support for those struggling in the DTES (Down Town East Side). I have no idea what form this will take in 2021.

More to come!

 = = = = 

Are you inspired to created a 2021 Bucket List Challenge for yourself? Well, I'd love to hear about it.  Add your comment to this blog and if there's a link to your challenge let me know.