Marilyn's 2021 Bucket List Challenge

When I created my
2020 Year of Marilyn Bucket List Challenge in honor of a significant birthday  (click link to view), I had no idea how much I would enjoy it.  This wasn't meant to create pressure or impossible goals, it was meant simply to inspire me to try new things, to revisit things I hadn't done in a awhile, to push me outside my daily routine, to stop saying some day I'll.... and make it today. 

My list was LONG!
  If I had been determined and focused I would have gotten through most things on my list, but that's not what it was about for me. It was meant  as a vehicle to inspire dreams and hopefully offer some motivation, and it worked. Time and time again, it spurred to me action.  I celebrated every new experience, every achievement, and let go of those that in the end didn't come together. I finished the year with a long list of items crossed off, and an equally long list of things to reconsider.  

The questions I asked myself today were - do I want to continue challenge this in 2021; do I want to still hold onto all the incomplete 2020 challenges; do I want to let anything go; do I want to add any anything new challenges?  The answer to the first question was yes, I wanted to create a new 2021 Bucket List Challenge.  Who knows if I will feel the same next year, but for this year I am motivated to do try it again. As to the other questions, I used them to guide to create my new list. 

= = =  

What I have embraced so far!

Belly Dance (Try something new and healthier me goals). I tried a FB live class last year but it just didn't work for me. This year I did a zoom class with my daughter on the other side of the country. So much fun and I learned a ton. I loved seeing the other participants and being able to ask questions live. 

Watercolor Class (Both Try Something New and Face a Fear) - This one wasn't a success but I stuck it out. I have no confidence doing something like this, but leapt anyways. The class turned out a multi-level class with with only me to total rank beginner who didn't know how to hold a brush. I might try another class if I can find one that is ALL beginners, but I'm glad I tried. It's all about pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 

Candlelight Jazz (Look for new experiences) - I stubbled across this event in an add on FB.  A company called Fever filled a room with flameless candles with a space in the middle for the jazz quartet and then set up 2 rows of folding chairs (spaced in pairs) around the outside. It was a magical 60 minutes of live jazz.  Been too long. 

Imagine Van Gogh (look for new experiences) - I have no idea how to even describe this show.  You go into a large room with screen surfaces in all kinds of shapes around it.  Classical music is played while Van Gogh paintings are projected - sometimes different ones on each, sometimes all the same, some full image and some closeups.  It was intriguing!

Water Fast (bring my body to a healthier place) - I have struggled over the last year with health and was unsure where the issues were coming from. Doing a 2 day water only fast took food out of the equation.  I ended up stopping at 36 hours as it was clear that food was not the issue. But the time not eating did break some eating habits and answered a few questions.  So glad I did it. 

No TV for a week - This is hard to do at home, but I decided to give myself a break. I recently travelled for 2 weeks and not once did I turn on the TV or the Netflix on my tablet. YEAH!  And I survived. 

Look for new experiences - This is such a fun category. And I tend to focus on things Glen and I can do together. For 2021 we have attended a candle light, intimate jazz concert and gone to see the Van Gogh Immersive Experience.  

What I am working on - 

Write a Letter and Mail Old School (Write a letter and mail it) - this is so easy and people actually do still love getting an old fashioned letter. I've written a catch up letter on the computer. To this I will add a personal hand written note to each person. So hope to have them all mailed by the end of the month. 

Do Something Nice for Yourself (self care) - I NEVER do spa things - just talk myself out of spending that kind of money on me.  Will be trying to do 3 spa days in 2021, but did experience my first - a Serenity Body Special at the Raintree Spa in Richmond. It was absolutely amazing. Wish I could do it once a week. WOW!

Play piano every day for a month - I took lessons as a child and took a year of piano in university. I never learned to play by ear, so my playing for enjoyment really came and went over the years. When I moved to Canada I bought a 100 year old upright grand and did my best to sit down occasionally and play. I finally focused on the and am 4 days in. I couldn't find my piano music so had to buy more. I had to get the piano tuned and finally buy a proper bench. But I started. My first song is a super easy piano version of We've Got Tonight by Bob Seger. I love to sing along to this.

Bring my body to a healthier place - After years of the doctor telling me to lose the fat wrapped around my middle, I am finally committed. As a post-menopausal woman this is not easy. You lose everything else first before that dreaded fat belly. So far I am down 10 pounds and no one can even tell which is discouraging. But I will succeed.  What I am doing? Simply regular food, but calories in calories out. I am using the Lose It app which increases the calories you can eat each day if you exercise, so that keeps me moving. 

Create a travel bucket list - I started with where my husband and I want to go in 2022 - the UK with a stop in Iceland either going or coming.  Time to add to this. 

My 2021 Bucket List - 
Note - I'll be adding to this as new ideas arise!

Try something new - This was one of my fav's last year and I ended up trying several new things - cooking class, axe throwing, zip lining and more.  So far in 2021 I've tried watercolour painting and belly dancing! 

Sew Something, Anything!  - I sewed all my life, including dance costumes professionally for 5 years. Unfortunately the last left me burnt out. It's been over 6 year now since I touched my sewing machine. Whatever I sew doesn't have to be anything big or complicated. I just have to finish something. I have a folder of daily covets as well as some project for my grand daughter to inspire me.

Writing Challenge - Last year it was to write a Flash Fiction story. While it may never see the light of day, I know I wrote it and that's all that matters.  This year's challenge will be a week of poetry. I will write 1 poem at day for 7 days. Again, may just be for me, but that's okay. 

Skydive using the buddy system - I had to hold off on this one because of COVID. I'll be looking at it again in the warm summer months. This qualifies under try something new, but I love having it separate as it really is a long held dream and very spectacular.

Train to run a 5K - My body literally did not respond to regular slow training last year. And when the weather started to change in the fall, I decided to let this go until Spring 2021. Hoping this year the training will go better. In the end, I am not concerned about my time, or being in an official race. I just want to accomplish running along the river for 5K at whatever pace works. 

PUBLISH! - I am the queen of procrastination when it comes to starting new books. I have 5-6 book ideas in my file. It's time to take one of them and make it happen. 

Olio by Marilyn ePubs -
I've had the idea for quite a while to take the best content from my blog Olio by Marilyn and create a series of inexpensive ePubs featuring this content. I started the process a few years ago and then didn't follow through. This is the year. 

Be an Extra in a Movie - I have no idea if this is even a possibility. I am not looking for a career in film, just the experience of what being an extra is like. Then I'd like to write about what it was like - to share the experience with others who are curious. 

An Act of Charity - I loved this one last year as well. I knitted 50 hats. 25 were sold with the money donated to support 3 families in need over the holidays. The other 25 were donated to an organization who provides support for those struggling in the DTES (Down Town East Side). I have no idea what form this will take in 2021. 

 = = = = 

Are you inspired to created a 2021 Bucket List Challenge for yourself? Well, I'd love to hear about it.  Add your comment to this blog and if there's a link to your challenge let me know.