Marilyn's 2021 Bucket List Challenge

When I created my
2020 Year of Marilyn Bucket List Challenge in honor of a significant birthday  (click link to view), I had no idea how much I would enjoy it.  This wasn't meant to create pressure or impossible goals, it was meant simply to inspire me to try new things, to revisit things I hadn't done in a awhile, to push me outside my daily routine, to stop saying some day I'll.... and make it today. 

My list was LONG!
  If I had been determined and focused I would have gotten through most things on my list, but that's not what it was about for me. It was meant  as a vehicle to inspire dreams and hopefully offer some motivation, and it worked. Time and time again, it spurred to me action.  I celebrated every new experience, every achievement, and let go of those that in the end didn't come together. I finished the year with a long list of items crossed off, and an equally long list of things to reconsider.  

The questions I asked myself today were - do I want to continue challenge this in 2021; do I want to still hold onto all the incomplete 2020 challenges; do I want to let anything go; do I want to add any anything new challenges?  The answer to the first question was yes, I wanted to create a new 2021 Bucket List Challenge.  Who knows if I will feel the same next year, but for this year I am motivated to do try it again. As to the other questions, I used them to guide to create my new list. 

= = =  

What I Embraced for 2021!

Belly Dance (Try something new and healthier me goals). I tried a FB live class last year but it just didn't work for me. This year I did a zoom class with my daughter on the other side of the country. So much fun and I learned a ton. I loved seeing the other participants and being able to ask questions live. 

Watercolor Class (Both Try Something New and Face a Fear) - This one wasn't a success but I stuck it out. I have no confidence doing something like this, but leapt anyways. The class turned out a multi-level class with with only me to total rank beginner who didn't know how to hold a brush. I might try another class if I can find one that is ALL beginners, but I'm glad I tried. It's all about pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 

Candlelight Jazz (Look for new experiences) - I stubbled across this event in an add on FB.  A company called Fever filled a room with flameless candles with a space in the middle for the jazz quartet and then set up 2 rows of folding chairs (spaced in pairs) around the outside. It was a magical 60 minutes of live jazz.  Been too long. 

Imagine Van Gogh (look for new experiences) - I have no idea how to even describe this show.  You go into a large room with screen surfaces in all kinds of shapes around it.  Classical music is played while Van Gogh paintings are projected - sometimes different ones on each, sometimes all the same, some full image and some closeups.  It was intriguing!

Water Fast (bring my body to a healthier place) - I have struggled over the last year with health and was unsure where the issues were coming from. Doing a 2 day water only fast took food out of the equation.  I ended up stopping at 36 hours as it was clear that food was not the issue. But the time not eating did break some eating habits and answered a few questions.  So glad I did it. 

No TV for a week - This is hard to do at home, but I decided to give myself a break. I recently travelled for 2 weeks and not once did I turn on the TV or the Netflix on my tablet. YEAH!  And I survived.   

Do Something Nice for Myself (self care) - I enjoyed a Serenity Body Special at the Raintree Spa in Richmond. Then I joined a healing retreat on Galiano Island where I enjoyed two massages, yoga, soaks in a huge tub, walks in nature, meditation tapes, audio books and more! Add to this are my regular walks at home with audio book and long soaks in our bath tub with book, audio book, meditation or podcast to keep me relaxed.

Bring My Body to a Healthier Place - This is something I have known I needed to work on for awhile, but it was the last checkup that sealed the deal. I had to get rid of the belly fat. In the end I decided to let go of diets and just go with calories in/calories.  I used the Lose It App that I have used before to keep track of calories consumed and exercise. It gives you extra calories to eat when you exercise, so really helps connect the dots.  I dropped 15 pounds quickly and then stalled out, with only minor progress over the last 3 months. HOWEVER, I made it through the holidays - all the eating and drinking and temptations - without gaining weight so I consider that a super big win. I will continue this journey on my 2022 list. 

Write a Letter Old School and Mail - Decided to make it a Xmas letter for my older relatives. I typed the holiday letter, but then did a hand written note on each. Mailing them out tomorrow. I know they will love getting them. 

What I am working on -  

Complete the 10 day Every Day is a Poem exercises (Writing Challenge) - Started this challenge on Nov. 22, and just 4 days to go. Hopefully finish by my birthday. 

Moving to my 2022 list - 

Play piano every day for a month - I played for several weeks, but can't find my old books and not enjoying the new ones. So need to get moving on this one again.

Try something new - This one goes on every year

Sew Something, Anything!  - I keep putting this off. 2022 is the year.

Writing Challenge - I continue to add this every year.  

Skydive using the buddy system - Another I didn't get to 2 years in a row. It's time to make this happen. I am so ready.

PUBLISH! - Didn't happen, but have committed to publish September 20th and already on my way. YEAH!

Olio by Marilyn ePubs -
Can't wait to get going on these. It's just getting the content off the blog and separated into books that is slowing me down. 

Be an Extra in a Movie - I have no idea if this is even a possibility. I am not looking for a career in film, just the experience of what being an extra is like. Then I'd like to write about what it was like - to share the experience with others who are curious. 

An Act of Charity - Another annual one.